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Jim Carrey

RIPS His Flick

'Kick Ass 2' is Too Violent

6/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jim Carrey
doesn't care if he torpedoes his new movie "Kick-Ass 2" ... he's speaking his mind ... bashing the film's extreme violence in the wake of last year's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Jim -- who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes -- tweeted his sentiments today, saying, "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.”

He added, "My apologies to others involved with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

The film, due out in August, is a highly anticipated sequel. The first one grossed almost $100 million worldwide. Make no mistake, to have Carrey -- by far the movie's biggest star -- drop his support is a huge blow.

We reached out to Universal -- the studio behind the flick -- so far no word back.


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Oh grow up Jim it's a ****ing movie.

485 days ago


Maybe he just doesn't like doing those publicity tours, saying the same things in interviews over and over.

485 days ago


He's so concerned . . . after he cashed the check. Get over yourself Carrey. You are yesterday's news.

485 days ago


Carrey being attached to the movie is a sure bet it'll be a bigger POS then the first movie. No harm no fowl with hm pulling his support. The comic geeks will see it regardless and the rest of us will avoid it.

485 days ago


Sorry this fool is such a hypocrite. He can't in good conscious promote it but I am sure he didn't turn down the money to do it. Until you do that Mr. Carey everything you said here is just white noise to me.

485 days ago

s lavigne    

Now that I know Jim Carrey is in the movie, I think that
I will pass he is such an ###@^*(

I though that the first movie was great.....

485 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I honestly wouldn't have given a damn what Jim Carrey thought even back when he was relevant. Totally overrated even in his prime. The guy's not funny. The only good movies he ever made weren't even comedies. He's just saying this to get some headlines because his career isn't anywhere near what it used to be.

485 days ago



485 days ago


I used to be a fan of his until he became such a hypocrite!!! Acting like he believes in art and freedom of expression then sits there saying he is against the movie he is in which is someones art that they worked hard on, An I am sure he got paid a pretty penny! If he felt that way he would not except any payments from the movie or donate it to charity! I will respect him then!

485 days ago


These Hollywood hypocrites are hilarious! Bashing a movie he's in because of violence all the while cashing those checks. These turds claiming to despise all the violence, yet working in an industry that glorifies it is insane.

485 days ago


Of all of the people who are or were going to go see Kick Ass 2, I'm willing to bet Jim Carrey's endorsement or lack thereof will not matter to 1% of them. The movie isn't called "Colonel Stars and Stripes." People are going for the characters Kick Ass, Hit Girl, and the former Red Mist (now a much more colorful name). Big name (in the past) or not, Mr. Carrey is not a big draw for this movie. He just wants to kiss up to his uber-liberal party-mates in hopes of getting a job in their next movie.

485 days ago


If Jim feels that way, maybe he should give his salary to the victims

485 days ago


Who gives a ƒuck about Jim Carrey! Go blow yourself, Ace Ventura. ƒaggot.

485 days ago


He collected $20 million for
falling down & violently twisting his face and he mocked the Oscar Awards after he won a Golden Globe.

Even his dramatic acting was uncomfortable & unnatural.

I don't buy his "everyday sympathetic man against Big Brother government" Truman Show character that he plays in real life.

He should stick to buying romance with a talentless actress.
Poor Jim can't buy fame for him & his daughter, so he's going to buy some fans with his love for 'wholesome entertainment'.

485 days ago


Jim Carey is quite literally one of the biggest movie stars of the modern age. He was the first ever to receive a 20 million dollar salary. He is not only an amazing comedic actor (you liars KNOW you have laughed your ass off at at least one of his films) he is an amazing dramatic actor.

He has a social conscience. It is a bit suss that he is derailing his own film and as far as we know he is 'keeping the money'. But who knows, maybe he is unloading the dough to a good cause. If so, there is nothing wrong with this situation.

485 days ago
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