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Paula Deen

Going to Pot


6/23/2013 5:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're lookin' for Paula Deen's pots and pans, you better jump fast, because it looks like her shelf-life on QVC is about to expire.

Deen -- who appears on the product-hawking network to pitch her cookware -- may lose her platform over the "n-word" revelations.

A rep for the network says they have "concerns [over] the unfortunate Paula Deen situation."  The rep adds, "Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior."

Now this is the weird part, which makes QVC sound -- how do you say in English -- as spineless as deep-fried octopus.  "We are closely monitoring these events and we are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen.  In the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC."

Translation -- They're waiting to see which way the wind blows.



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Honestly i really did like Paula Deen but racial remarks are never ok coming from anyone of ANY race. Her comments about her black friend werent exactly appropriate either. Do i think shes racist? No. A bit ignorant? Yes

487 days ago


At least one of Paula Deen's slaves has her back...

487 days ago


I will support her. I admire her for standing for what she believes in. Blacks are racist and our society tolerates it. We are a fvcked up society where we allow Blacks to say anything derogatory about Whites. That will stop when the Whites get tired of tolerating the low life Blacks in this society. I am Mexican, but I'd rather be with a White population anytime than any Black population. I hate the Black culture and their "Poor Me, life owes me a living because my ancestors where slaves 200 years ago." Well, every race has been enslaved throughout history. Blacks didn't have slaves because they were inferior in their technology. The only reason they are advanced now is because they breed with the stupid White women and are educated in the White culture. Otherwise, look at Africa even today. It hasn't advanced and is still run by warlords, and is as corrupt as it ever was. Women there are still sold and castrated. Famine is still part of their lives. But Blacks can live in America and have a great life. But their only desire is pimping and rapping. Even after getting White women pregnant, the offspring are still violent and with an attitude. It's like breeding a hyena with a domestic dog. It will be violent and vicious. Blacks are violent and vicious, and their history proves that. Just ask any White woman that has been a prostitute to a Black pimp.

487 days ago


I am sick and tired of Whites and others who want to sit here and make excuses for this woman by using Black people as the scapegoat. If Black people suddenly stopped using this word, it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference, because it's not a word WE created. It would still get used by racists.

1.) Blacks did not create this word, if you have an issue with the word being used by the people who were denigrated and oppressed by it, I suggest you take it up with your ancestors

2.) Blacks who use this word do not have any racial hatred attached to the word, get that through your head. There is no racial hatred attached when it is used and many of us do not use it

3.) The Whites who whine about this so called double standard are folks who want to freely use the word. No one is stopping you, but I suggest you prepare for the consequences

4.) The tension between Whites and Blacks is still thick, that's why when when a Jewish racial slur is put forth, comments like "get over it" etc are not used. There is GUILT attached to the "get over it" too damn bad, deal with it

5.) Whites are inherently racist, I have come to this conclusion. It's something that's passed down from generation to generation. You all are taught to think of yourselves as superior, both consciously and unconsciously, which is why when your hierarchal position feels threatened, it comes out. This is why you teach untrue history in our schools and this is why truths are covered up, hidden or stolen.

487 days ago


God bless you'all for being you,, Paula rocks.....

487 days ago


@ Bob, learn to comprehend, WHEN you feel that it is threatened, it comes out, additionally, it's why you all do everything in your power to remain in control, this is why racism exists, fail. Also, the reason you feel physically threatened by Blacks is because that's a part of your generational racist indoctrination. It helps you to continue to strive to maintain your position, but soon enough it will loosen.

487 days ago


@ Bob, all the times Whites murdered, beat and killed us, you'd think Blacks would take on the type of mindset you have about us that we should be threatened by Whites. If anything, it's Blacks who should feel threatened by Whites. You all have committed the most horrendous things everywhere you step foot. Mass murders committed more than any other race combined.

487 days ago


@ Bob, you don't need an education for your position to be threatened (horrible slight btw). You don't need an education for this to happen. This is something that occurs outside of employment or related to employment. Hierarchy is not only tethered to employment, seems to me that whatever education you received didn't do much for you. When we take a look at the years a bit prior to the depression, many Blacks had established well off communities, this threatened the positioning of Whites in employment, that is why they burned down/destroyed these communities. These were people who established businesses, were doing well and did not have an education.

Your need to whip out the tired inaccurate and racist assumption about Blacks and education is a direct example of your hierarchy being threatened, so in order for you to try and bring me back to my place so to speak, you use racially tinged phraseology to do it, didn't work.

487 days ago


@ Bob, actually, if you weren't aware, Whites are the ones who are on welfare the most. Blacks are at the bottom with this, but like I previously mentioned, that's what racists do

487 days ago


this a forgiving nation?????????????????

487 days ago


@ Bob, Whites are always striving to maintain their social positioning, that's why you make the comments you make, which are highly inaccurate. Additionally, I never said stated that Whites weren't in control, I said you all continue to strive to maintain it and I've said this several times all ready.

Who is stepping aside here?? The last time I checked, plenty of Whites were getting federal aid. Federal aid is based upon need, not race and last I checked, my tax dollars help to fund White public schools and public state universities. Of course you're not going to read it, it doesn't get published in the newspapers unless it blows up. The KKK are now the police and they are in suits, like you I'm sure.

487 days ago


WEhats wron with ******, it is in the dictionary!

487 days ago

Yuma Cox-Zucker    

Did you ever take a look at where all of Paula Deen's products are made? Everything she sells comes from sweatshops in China. So the quality is crap anyway...

487 days ago


@ Bob, great, so you admit you are a racist, I all ready knew this, but glad to know that you know it as well. Whites are actually the ones who have the TRUE bad reputation. Black reputation across the globe is a product of mass generalization by racist propaganda. If you actually take a look at history, Whites are the ones who actually have the bad reputation. It's why other countries are always looking for ways to bomb America and in areas that are predominantly White.

487 days ago


@ Bob, did you seem to miss the part about how Whites destroyed successful Black communities, that's not us keeping ourselves down. Did you happen to miss the fact that Blacks when qualified are intentionally denied loans or given much higher interest rates, that's not us keeping us down. Did you happen to miss how many Blacks are kept at a certain level, passed over on jobs despite our qualifications for someone White with none, that's not us keeping ourselves down. Personally, the only way Blacks will ever be rid of institutionalized racism is to go back to how we used to have things, everything being in house, BUT when it gets too strong, Whites usually try to tear it down.

487 days ago
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