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'Big Brother'

Puts Racist Houseguest


7/8/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bigotry under the "Big Brother" roof has finally made it to television -- 'cause last night, the show aired a segment featuring Aaryn basically auditioning for the KKK.

Among the highlights ... Aaryn mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure.

The segment featured commentary from some of the other guests, who seem to have noticed Aaryn's disgusting comments ... but no one had the stones to call her out for it.

In fact, Howard -- an African American houseguest -- said the comments "hurt and are disrespectful" ... but said addressing the issue might hurt his chances to win the game.


As for Aaryn, she's been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas.

She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house -- GinaMarie Zimmerman was also bounced from her day job from comments she made in the house, and Spencer Clawson seems to be on his way out from his regular gig as well.


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Rotten Puppets    

Howard isn't a wuss. He is SMART. That's why he is letting these racist jerkoffs bury themselves. Him blowing up on them is not to his benefit. Why? To make a stand? He can make a better stand winning the show and then laughing in the faces of the ignorant rejects spewing their filth.

435 days ago


Makes the entire cast of Jersey Shore seem like the Amish.

435 days ago


Why should Howard risk his $500000 for this chick and her disgusting co-horts? I'm sure he'll speak up once the game is done.

435 days ago


Well there's always a career in the porn industry she can fall back on.

435 days ago


Shes' entitled to say what she wants to say, she'll be branded as ignorant and small minded. And that will be that. Racism will ever go away and the more equality we have the more tolerant we have to be.
I have been very tolerant of the BET channel along with the knowledge that a "White Entertainment Network" would be considered racist in this hypocritical-liberal-politically-correct atmosphere we live in today....

435 days ago


She's stupid to say stuff like that around people who are not her friends and are people she is competing against. Maybe she's use to saying derogatory stuff around people that she feels comfortable around but is a stupid move to do that on live TV. Very Stupid.

435 days ago


Glad to see BB decide to do the right thing and show what these people are about. Yes, thy left out many comments but they did not back away from putting them out there either..
I am sure the parents are proud.

435 days ago


Damn! She's hot.

435 days ago


The great thing is that she's been outed as racist and homophobe.

435 days ago


AARYN? Sounds an awful-lot like Aryan.... right

giddy up!

435 days ago


News flash! More people say things like this than I guess people realize. Not everyone is a saint who speaks political correct 24/7!

435 days ago


She's pretty but ugly as hell on the inside, her comments shows how unintelligent and ignorant she is. A true bimbo a racist one at that.

435 days ago


I am a resident of the great diverse city of Austin, Texas,.....and this little racist Aaryn 'does NOT' represent out city. It's unforunate that this little neo nazi is so clueless to the wonderful people that surround us. Trust me,...if she walked around Austin talking like that,....her so called career would have been over long before the ink dried on her supposed modeling contract. Like another poster pointed out, it possible that her parents raised her to have this kind of thinking with hated srinkle throuhout her thinking process? I certainly hope her parents are appropriately mortified with her v-e-r-y biased way of thinking,.....we, the people of Austin DO NOT condone this kind of hate,......she is an embarrassment.

435 days ago


We are becoming an intolerant society. When will we go back to burning witches? They eat children, you know.

435 days ago


It seems a couple of these so-called reality shows are using hate/bigotry to get ratings--it's just pretty obvious. And sad.

435 days ago
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