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Insane Clown Posse

Out Rhymed

By Giant Pussy Cat

7/11/2013 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Insane Clown Posse topped GQ's list of the worst rappers of all-time -- and to add insult to injury ... they got beat by feline rapper MC Skat Kat!

Yeah, he's a cartoon -- but still sucks less than ICP. According to GQ.



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Weird how "clown rap" never really caught on.

413 days ago


2 no talented POS crap rappers....TMZ why even report on these two?

413 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Their fans are the s*** of the earth.

413 days ago


I am surprised Kottonmouth Kings weren't one of the 25.

413 days ago


Were these two jokers ever friends with Doink the clown?

413 days ago


If you have no talent, no money whatzoever , get nude, paint your face or something AND THEN CALL TMZ!! IT WORKZ!

412 days ago


BTW, words can't discribe how untalented these idiots are. Check this out:

Done with a 12.99$ Hip-Hop contruction set and a trial version of FruityLoops, recorded at home.

Rebacca Black has more talent in her little finger
than this morons alltogether...

412 days ago


My wet farts bust out better rhymes than these clowns..

412 days ago


And I care WHY???? lol

412 days ago


Icp is to rap as tmz is to news

412 days ago


Absolutely the worst and no one can question the fact they are horrible. Give credit where credit is due though, they are marketing wizards. Losers targeting losers and became millionaires from it.

412 days ago

Trash Via Marked Reckordz    

"One way or ther other I can promise you this
Juggalo or not our ****in' record's the ****
And I don't give a **** what rollin' stone ends up givin'

I cant wait for the dis track to come out about GQ.

'Cause that's just some other ****in' idiot's opinion
If he knows what's so dope, he should make it himself
And quit ****in' judgin' every-****in'-body else"
-Violent J

"Welcome to are Carnivals 50,000 Juggalos, freaks and weirdos,
and killers at our shows. I'm just glad we down with em
hate to be y'all, and havea juggalo ****ter my skull, for the Carnival"

actually listen to the words to this song. then you too will know how to get the cd at no cost to you. then listen to he words of those songs. it will change your life. You might even stop the drinking and beating your wife, and start believing in yourself beyond any doubt. set your self free.

...And I think i just realized why all the clothing in Department stores these days are sold with holes already in them. Im thinking it's so all the Lo's and Lette"s wont feel the urge to crack the skulls of the Metrosexuals that have been influenced by GQ Magazine, because we see them scrubb'n it down the block to the bus stop, blending in with the average Joe's. I'd have to say they flying under the radar for some time long, Guys are thinking skinny jeans are cool. well skinny jeans are only cool if your planning on having the ability to take a piss around a 90 degree corner. Yea, I said it, Dick lob is making a comeback , even after the white-e tighties pandemic of the 1990's. Well GQ, I hope you never planning on eating at subway again on your lunch breaks, because we got family running that ****, and yes, we will spit in your ****. I also hope you got your daughters on lock down, because our entire Family is especially skilled in breaking in and out of the Neden Holes so dam quick, ya'll wont even know til there's babies falling all out her ass. We also children of the night, working them grave yard....hope you cremated your floppy mom, because....yea, we do that too! The Juggalos are every where, and growing fast (expect a few more when your daughters are done baking), and for one reason solid reason. Last and not least, Stay the **** out of Denver, Colorado a.k.a Clown Town (coined by Underground Local music is killing the scene out here. But No worries, when your hate this way, we got some creampies for that. I think Tila Tequila got hit by one of them.

412 days ago

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