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'Big Brother'

Race War Explodes

Aaryn Mocks Black Houseguests

7/12/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The race war inside the "Big Brother" house came to a head last night ... when racist Aaryn picked a fight with a black female contestant ... and MOCKED her by saying, "Whatchu gon do, gurl?"

She continued in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice ... saying, "Whatchu gon do gurrl ... class girl? Where's yo class?" (drama begins at the 2:00 mark)

It was disgusting and vile -- a callback to a white slavemaster talking to a slave on a plantation.

Eventually, Candice -- who's African American -- stood up for herself ... only for another female contestant, GinaMarie, to get in her face ... saying, "You want the black to come out?"

As things got even more intense, Howard -- who's also black -- grabbed Candice and begged her to stand down and not fight with the other racist houseguests.

FYI -- the fight started over a "prank" Aaryn pulled on Candice -- by flipping over her mattress.

Candice broke down in tears after the confrontation. Aaryn probably scouted for wood to burn a cross.


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BB not bb    

Does anyone else get the message being spread here? White people are no longer allowed to defend themselves or stand up for their rights against blacks. If you talk ghetto back to the blacks for acting ghetto, you are racist. If you shoot one trying to grab your gun and who is telling you that now you are dead, you are not only a racist, but a murderer.

If you ever admit that you said the N word to your own husband after nearly being shot in the head by a black bank robber, you are no longer fit to do business with. What next? Maybe we should all move out into the street so the blacks can take our homes and feel better about themselves.

Affirmative action was a mistake to begin with. Now it has morphed into this pc nonsense. George Zimmerman is facing life in prison over it and white women are losing their jobs for taking offense at offensive blacks. What next?

Do you know how African nations get conquered? CIA Nazi agents posing as Muslims go in and instigate race wars. One tribe goes and commits genocide against the other for not being Muslim enough. Then some communistic dictator takes over and sells out the resources to corporations.

America is the next resource these international criminals seek to tap. Why are you fools playing along? Why? Do you hate America, hate freedom, hate your own right to life?

366 days ago


all you bigots calling aaran racist don't think it is racist that trayvon martin called George Zimmerman a cracker or when Jamie foxx using a "stereotypical" white voice at the CMT awards. hypocritical s***

366 days ago


Oh Hell no, these ------- in this house are CRAZY! I'm sorry but I would not be getting the $500K because I would have to whip some ---if I was Candice. I pride myself on being peaceful and polite but one can only take so much. The racist remarks and pranks are disgusting towards all of the targeted Big Brother house guest. Can't believe this is happening, my heart is breaking for them. Howard is an angel glad he is there to keep the peace.

366 days ago


LMAO! So just because someone mimicked black "talk", it was like a plantation owner talking to a slave? Pfffft. They talk that way, and they've got all our children talking that way, so why can't we talk that way to them? It's time to stop being so thin-skinned.

366 days ago


tmz never calls blacks racist, they are just "colorful". talk about self-loathing

366 days ago


I don't know why I would expect anything more from TMZ.. your conveniently only showing half the video.. why not show how the fight started? for people who haven't seen it.

365 days ago

Ed Carney    

Those calling for CBS to remove her should think about this. Aryan will dig herself deeper and deeper and face Julie when she gets evicted. If she gets pulled, she gets to HIDE and not do any interviews! YOU WANT HER TO STAY ON !

365 days ago

Wake up call    

See, if it was the black girl who made racist remarks about a white girl it would be ok. But since it is the other way around it isn't. What a crock of bull!

"It was disgusting and vile -- a callback to a white slavemaster talking to a slave on a plantation."

How would you know this? Do you have a time machine? Are you more than 150 years old? This crap is pure sensationalism. Could it be Aaryn is just plain sick of the way blacks treat whites? Maybe shes giving what she gets? Wake up people Blacks are the MOST racist people on the planet.

365 days ago


It is so sad that here we are in 2013 and we all can't even play a game together without attacking ones race or culture. When are we ever going to learn to get along?

365 days ago


Really?did spike lee right this article,blow me lack people she didn't say anything racist,just cause she changed her voice she is racist ,black people better get a grip,u all cry over the smallest stuff,how about the bet awards,imagine we had the white awards show or the white channel,would that be racist ,get a grip or go back to Africa ,deal with it u cry baby's wahhhhhh,thin skin losers.

365 days ago


Aaryn is despicable but let's not forget she is NOT the only Racist in the house.. Come on TMZ, call out the others also :-)

365 days ago


Skanky, white trash hoochies.

365 days ago

The Real America    

Blacks can dish it out but can not take it! Why are you racist if you make fun of blacks... How racist is that statement.. Blacks do it all day long!!! Grow up misguided black America

365 days ago

The Real Deal    

I am not sure what to say here. If this kind of hatred is permitted to exist I am not sure how long we can survive as as country. These racist girls need to be removed from the game. I am saddened by these events.

365 days ago

michele walker    


365 days ago
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