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'Big Brother'

Race War Explodes

Aaryn Mocks Black Houseguests

7/12/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The race war inside the "Big Brother" house came to a head last night ... when racist Aaryn picked a fight with a black female contestant ... and MOCKED her by saying, "Whatchu gon do, gurl?"

She continued in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice ... saying, "Whatchu gon do gurrl ... class girl? Where's yo class?" (drama begins at the 2:00 mark)

It was disgusting and vile -- a callback to a white slavemaster talking to a slave on a plantation.

Eventually, Candice -- who's African American -- stood up for herself ... only for another female contestant, GinaMarie, to get in her face ... saying, "You want the black to come out?"

As things got even more intense, Howard -- who's also black -- grabbed Candice and begged her to stand down and not fight with the other racist houseguests.

FYI -- the fight started over a "prank" Aaryn pulled on Candice -- by flipping over her mattress.

Candice broke down in tears after the confrontation. Aaryn probably scouted for wood to burn a cross.


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lisa white    

The only reason this is happening is because she is on tv and not in real life. Send her racist ass to the hood and best believe her azz will be singing a different tune.Racist bitches are always tough on tv, in the spotlight, turn those damn lights out and see what happen

435 days ago


she need to go home . like what they did to paula deen she is no better then her

435 days ago


I luvvvv a cat fight!!

435 days ago


I know some shows are live, but I'm quite certain that these episodes are staged/ rigged.

435 days ago


White slavemasters?
Ha. the author of this "article" and it's commenters are a bunch of hyperventilating drama queens.

435 days ago

Moth Man    

White people need to stop pretending that Blacks are "just like us." They aren't, and there are 2 things that prove it.

1) The historical record of achievement

2) DNA testing

Period. End of story. If a White person says "we're all the same inside" they should be placed in a concentration camp.

435 days ago


"White slavemasters" said " what choo gon do? "

Please. The author of this "article" and it's commenters are a bunch of hyperventilating , race baiting drama queens.

Actual grown up black people do not care and certainly don't equate "racism" with one girl mocking another.

Soft bigotry of low expectations.

435 days ago


RACIST - Any white person who says or does anything a black person doesn't like.

435 days ago


Are Blacks "unmockable"?

Do they need "special treatment" because of their "special feelings" ?

Perhaps we could bubble wrap the little special snowflakes and give them personal cheerleaders to follow them around and boost their precious,precious esteem.

435 days ago


no big deal - you people are so sensitive! Blacks do that to whites way more - play college football and then come back and cry white racists!

435 days ago


Normally I would give someone the benefit of the doubt. If she made an innocent joke or two, I might say she is just ignorant and uneducated, and doesn't know any better (although she should). I do think she is ignorant, probably educated, but still just as stupid, so I guess she hasn't learned much in her life. She hasn't done it once or twice, but over and over again, which makes me believe she is truly racist. Not just against blacks, but EVERYONE that isn't as white as her. She is also anti-gay and has made that clear also. Many have commented that she has lost her modelling contract. I think that is great, but sadly, there will be another one that gives her work. I hope everyone boycotts ANY company that gives her work once she gets off the show, and if anyone does give her work, I hope the story is ignored because it will give them free publicity. Aside from her racism, she acts like a spoiled, entitled brat. I wonder who taught her to behave this way and believe that it is acceptable and that she is superior to everyone else?

435 days ago


I am a hugh BB fan and I've watched BB for a very long time. Aaryn DID NOT pull a prank on Candice. She deliberately pulled the mattress off the bed to piss Candice off because Candice's friend won the competition and Aaryn was pissed off about it. She didn't do it to anyone else who were friends with the person that won the competition, just Candice. She has been told in so many words that she is being racists and it is making its way on to the show and she blows it off like no big deal. It's malicious and she has not a clue as to take a hint from anyone. Hopefully she can so some soul searching and make lots of apologies when she come back to reality.

435 days ago


I don't like to be insensitive about women's bodies, but I guess I don't really mind when it comes to being critical about Aaryn since she behaves like she thinks she is a Goddess. Has anyone seen episodes or clips of her in a bathing suit? The dudes on Ru Paul's Drag Race are prettier than she is.

435 days ago

Shegma Futility    

If there is audio of the callback of the whiteslave master talking to black like that I think that tmz needs to make that public.FYI tmz should get alittle more indepth about which Type of wood Aryan was looking for to burn...

435 days ago


I like Howard because he has good common sense and he doesn't Klingon to his ego. I haven't been watching big brother this time, but just having watched this video, I hope he wins it.

435 days ago
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