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'Big Brother'

Race War Explodes

Aaryn Mocks Black Houseguests

7/12/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The race war inside the "Big Brother" house came to a head last night ... when racist Aaryn picked a fight with a black female contestant ... and MOCKED her by saying, "Whatchu gon do, gurl?"

She continued in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice ... saying, "Whatchu gon do gurrl ... class girl? Where's yo class?" (drama begins at the 2:00 mark)

It was disgusting and vile -- a callback to a white slavemaster talking to a slave on a plantation.

Eventually, Candice -- who's African American -- stood up for herself ... only for another female contestant, GinaMarie, to get in her face ... saying, "You want the black to come out?"

As things got even more intense, Howard -- who's also black -- grabbed Candice and begged her to stand down and not fight with the other racist houseguests.

FYI -- the fight started over a "prank" Aaryn pulled on Candice -- by flipping over her mattress.

Candice broke down in tears after the confrontation. Aaryn probably scouted for wood to burn a cross.


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Clint Beastwood    

You do realize these shows are scripted right...give me a break..The BB producers are laughing their asses off right now and you idiots are eating it up. What better way to get rating then to start a race war...Apparently it works.

406 days ago


I really had to look at the video, because Candice doesn't look black. I was waiting for the black girl to come in the room, and thought I missed something when Aaryn starting talking. She looks white with a nice tan! LOL, am I the only one?

406 days ago


Paula Dean lost a lot for the words that she use, but CBS continue to condone all these racist comment from their contestant just for rating.I cannot watch this show anymore it make me sick hearing that racist ignorant woman act like this.CBS take a stand this is DISGUSTING

406 days ago


this is ridiculous, with everything going on with Paula Deen and all, CBS needs to put a stop to this and remove Aaryan from the game immediately, they are just letting this go on for ratings, it's not right. Come on CBS, use some common sense and put a stop to this!!

406 days ago

The Madd Gabber    

All I have to say is Candice and Howie got a point. By not saying anything they think its okay but when you do they know they are getting under your skin. This behavior is disgusting for Gina and Aaryn. They are in for very rude awakenings when life gets real when facing the real world. I'm also disgusted by the fact the other house guests allow it.

406 days ago


She's just verbally attacking people with what would upset them the most. Its all part of the game. What worries me is that the two black contestants don't seem smart enough to attack back verbally and they seem to be saying the only way they know how to respond is in a physically violent manner. Its good that they are trying to refrain from physical violence, But they themselves say they don't know how long they can control there urge to be violent. For this reason CBS should remove the two black people from the show immediately.

406 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Aaryn only says what most whities think. Havin the guts to say it makes her sexy. She can work for me anytime

406 days ago


Aaryn is one of the most insuffurable people ive ever seen on reality tv. Her and ginamarie arent even that pretty. They also have both of their heads stuc up Jeremy's ass. privileged skanks.

406 days ago


helloooo it's 2013... it's actually funny.... black people are out of control lately...they need to be reminded how they look acting ghetto sometimes....

406 days ago


They need to boot this bitch off the show! She's an effing pig.

406 days ago


But here's the truth: as painful as it is to watch this monstrosity unfold, there will be natural consequences that go along with what Aaryn has stated on video. Besides her being a social pariah, no corporation will hire her for fear they will be associated with racism that will lead to huge financial losses due to law suits. Honestly, this young woman has no idea the detriment she has caused her life and bc it's on video it will NEVER go away. Let this show serve as a lesson to us all, anything we say or do on video has the potential to affect the rest of our natural lives in monolithic ways.

406 days ago


How many black people do the same thing to white people and you never call them racist.

406 days ago


I have watched Big Brother every summer since the first season, I have never seen such an incident of blatant racism, Candance and Howard should not be subjected to these verbal taunts. Aaron and Gina Marie should be removed right away, that is the only way CBS can proceed with integrity. They can just bring the other ousted houseguests David and Nick to take their place. No one should have to put up with this kind of nonsense.

406 days ago


Wow there are a lot of racist *******s that comment on TMZ

406 days ago


I watched this go down live last night on the Live Feeds, and it was disgusting. This event built up over the course of a few hours (not to mention the previous tension coming to a boil over Aaryn's racist coments from days past). All of the Live Feed chatters were almost certain production would step in, but nothing. Production finally began calling some of the involved to the diary room, but I don't know if that was to ease tension and separate them or to just get some good tv footage. CBS has really dropped the ball this year, and I just hope someone doesn't end up getting throat-punched during the next fight. Aaryn needs to go, ASAP. This racial tension is screwing up with everyones gameplay, and it's just not fair to the "good side" that racism and bullying are being tolerated by CBS.

406 days ago
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