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Anthony Weiner

Some Sexting Happened

AFTER My Resignation

7/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

NYC mayoral candidate and self-admitted Internet perv Anthony Weiner says he continued to engage in SEXTING other dirty sex stuff AFTER he resigned from office.

Weiner said the most recent sexting incident took place last summer.

Weiner says the sexting "is entirely behind me now" ... and he will not drop out of the race for NYC mayor.

Weiner's wife Huma Abedin -- who looked SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE during the event -- also addressed the media ... and said she decided to stay married to Weiner because she felt it was the best decision for the family.

"I have forgiven him, I believe in him and as I have said from the beginning we are moving forward," Huma said.

During the media conference, a creepy guy behind a cubicle kept popping up behind Weiner like a whac-a-mole. At one point, the guy waved ... it was pretty hilarious.

0723_CREEPY_GUY_weinerWeiner initially called for the news conference to address the latest allegations -- first reported by involving lewd photos and chat messages he sent to a 22-year-old girl on the Internet in 2012.

Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011.

Weiner has already released a statement admitting the chats were real ... but didn't say whether the Internet affair actually occurred in the wake of his infamous 2011 sexting scandal, as the 22-year-old woman is claiming.

Weiner said, “I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have."



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His wife must desperately lust for power to stay with this loser. Pathetic.

464 days ago

Cool Papa    

Someone call Benjy Bronk stat!

464 days ago


By all means, let's have a perv for Mayor of NYC.

464 days ago


perhaps some more women could run for office in nyc, if spitzer and wiener are the best options out there? jfc.

464 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

You may find this hard to believe TMZ, but usually when there is a press conference, the headline and story is written AFTER the press conference has taken place. That way you can actually report it as news and not bull shyte.

464 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Spitzer is running for Controller, not Mayor.
Weiner's opponent in the Dem. primary is a woman.
Married her longtime partner (wife) last year.
The likely Repub winner ran the MTA and worked for Giullani.

464 days ago


If he could get prostitution legalized in the city and then tax the hell out of it he might be on to something with his porno thing.

464 days ago

Here Come the Bananagans!    

Any New Yorker who actually votes for this pathetic gr******* is INSANE ... Probably even more insane than his wife! Poor Huma.

464 days ago

Here Come the Bananagans!    

Any New Yorker who votes for this pathetic gr******* is insane!

464 days ago


Many Liberals KNOW that their base will still vote for these dishonest fools even if it means dragging the country to the depths of hell. It's not about the good of the country, it's about "winning the game". The whole bite, nose, face, spite thing. Now we have to live in the mess that has been created by voters who never had a clue who or what they were actually voting in.

464 days ago


Some people have Tourette syndrome, he's got this pens thing. Lets look past it.

464 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Weiner's wife is quite nice looking and otherwise quite smart. She was Hillary's right-hand woman at one point. Unfortunately she seemed to have learned the "stand by your man" thing from Hillary as well. Sad, when Weiner was texting his latest penis-pix, his wife was home with their one-year-old child.

464 days ago


One good measure of the dignity and decency of Democrats is the fact that Anthony Weiner is in the lead in New York's mayoral race. It is simply beyond comprehension. If it were not for my kids I think I might lose all hope.

464 days ago


Why would anybody even consider voting for this man. It is obvious he has no moral or ethical values that we desperately need in office. To be married to meet a woman VIA FACEBOOK have an adulterous affair with a woman and promise to buy her a condo etc. Then to complete deny and lie about the allegations, then later to admit to them shows he has no moral compass. WHAT A LOW LIFE!

464 days ago


Looking at this goober, I can certainly understand why he had to go online to bump his rocks.

464 days ago
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