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Nicki Minaj

Ghostwriter Controvery Lost In Rap Translation?

8/7/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Nicki Minaj is NOT a phony MC with a ghostwriter if you ask her -- or our hip-hop expert -- but not everyone is convinced. We break down rapper Ransom's mysterious lyrics to get to the bottom of it.

Plus, Usher's ex Tameka Raymond blames him for his son's near-fatal drowning -- and now she wants more custody of the kids ...  but we know something that could help him fend her off.

And, If you think the person who robbed James Gandolfini after his died is heartless -- listen to our staff pick the scraps off of Harvey.

(0:00) Nicki Minaj accused of having a ghostwriter -- or is it all just a big misunderstanding?
(6:00) Usher's ex is on the offensive -- blaming him for their son's near drowning ... and moving to gain more custody.
(10:00) James Gandolfini ... robbed in death.
(14:00) Terrence Howard's ex took photos of the severe damage he allegedly caused to her face.
(18:00) B. Scott is suing BET for alleged discrimination ... but something smells fishy.
(24:00) Lindsay Lohan may have finally cut out the parents that have really been causing her problems.
(28:00) We know how Paula Deen could resurrect her career ... and it involves dancing.
(32:00) Lena Dunham's latest bonehead comment ticks off entire cities.
(34:00) A guy running for senate is having trouble with something he did in the past ... involving a banana hammock.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... HATE MAIL!

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What happened was a freak accident but he WAS being watched and 4 people jumped in to save him. No he shouldn't lose custody. He's still the better provider. She needs to be grateful someone was there who could provide CPR which most likely saved his life. But a freak accident doesn't make Usher a bad parent

420 days ago

Wow ...    

No Usher should not lose custody. This was an accident. You would think his ex of all people would realize it, even though it is understandable for her to be distraught - it is not understandable for her to accuse him of nearly killing the child. Again, this was an accident!

420 days ago

Wow ...    

Harvey, you sound a little sick. Perhaps you should call in tomorrow, tell the boss something is going around the office :))

420 days ago

Wow ...    

A verse is a verse, not a song. Nicki needs anger management.

420 days ago

Wow ...    

Thank you Gary, I was thinking exactly the same thing LMAO!

420 days ago


If Nicki were smart she would've just laughed it off instead she made it sound like somebody hit the nail on the head. The old saying "you protest to much" is usually right on.

420 days ago



420 days ago


Well, B. Scott should have a good case. If a transgender can raise a stink and enter the Miss Universe contest, why the hell not sue for discrimination in this case.

420 days ago


Accidents happen... that is why they are called accidents. I hope the child is OK.

420 days ago


Didn't Tameka already have one son that died after being hit by a jet ski when he was with his dad? This was an accident, they happen, Tameka will use any excuse to get those Child support checks.

420 days ago


How the hell do you know it was stolen off his dead hand, you damn drama Queen? All the Insurance report says is it's missing. I'm sure it was pilfered off a night stand. TMZ and being over the top again. Pfffttt.

420 days ago

Jericho Morton    

You have to take all the Jewellery off to defibrillate them.

420 days ago


your online live feed is so terribly bad---I am done with watching it---I will get your day old news from regular other media--I enjoyed watching it as you produce it being an old crew person ---but---you really have to fix your live feed it is delayed and terrible---on all and various computers I have tried---terrible

420 days ago

Wow ...    

The gay transgender personality is stretching it. If BET was discriminating they would not have hired him in the first place.

420 days ago


B. Scott lawsuit - perhaps the problem they had was that B. got an attitude after changing outfit & it showed on screen.

420 days ago
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