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Selma Blair

Very Public Breastfeeding

8/9/2013 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selma Blair is mixing fun bags with shopping bags -- the former "Anger Management" star was unabashedly breastfeeding in plain sight at one of the biggest shopping spots in L.A. like it was no big deal.

Blair was spotted at The Grove with her 2-year-old son ... pumping the kid full of breast milk on a trolley, surrounded by shoppers.

The move is interesting ... considering earlier this week, a Chick-fil-A in Tennessee came under fire when an employee asked a mother to stop nursing her 5-month-old kid where other people could see.

Clearly, Selma's not shy when it comes to the matter -- but we gotta ask ...


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Boing d, boing d, boing d...hmmmm!!!...that's okay though, right? :-/

442 days ago


& nobody makes a fuss about Kate Upton showing more boob than Selma?! To all nursing moms - please, keep nursing in public!

442 days ago


Breast feeding isn't gross, breast feeding your toddler is haha

442 days ago


Good Lord! How old is that kid?

442 days ago


isn't he a little old to be breast fed? I can understand if it was a baby, but this kid would have teeth, and could eat food until he got home. think she is doing it for attention.

442 days ago


You really don't have to look far to get a handle on American views, just read the first line of the 'article'...
"Selma Blair is mixing fun bags with shopping bags"
Could that line have been any more juvenile?

442 days ago


I breast feed my 26 month old. Those of you against this or you who are suggesting "bottles,etc" obviously have never breastfed. Educate yourselves. Thank you Selma for this!

442 days ago


For those saying the child is too old, it is a cultural bias. American culture has issues with breastfeeding moms in general, let alone breastfeeding past the AAP MINIMUM recommended age of 12 months.

The World Health Organization however clearly states "Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond."

So 2 years is average, accepted, and fine medically speaking and has many health benefits for the child and for the mom. While not everyone feels comfortable nursing that long, and that is fine, there is no reason to insult her for breastfeeding a 2 year old.

Also just to add my opinion...I feel it is a bit heartbreaking that I live in a culture where it is more acceptable to feed my child Mcdonalds than it is to give them breastmilk. :(

442 days ago


THAT's fine, don't stop me if you see me feeding my girl some protein. I make a mess BTW.

442 days ago


for real, I understand the need to breast feed and Im not against it in public..COVERED UP..they sell shawls for that ffs.

442 days ago


Let me tell you TMZ if u released this article in Australia you would be in a lot of trouble... Breast feeding is beautiful and natural thing and if u were in Oz you would probably have a mass "sit in" of breast feeding protesting mothers on your door step.

442 days ago


the world health organization recommends breast feeding (NOT PUMPING because the baby/child saliva threw moms skin tells them what they need at the time) as for covering, she has NO boob so theres nothing to see shes like 1/2 an A ! Even if there was a little boob showing so what. Flip threw the rest of TMZ and you will see more boob. The world weaning average is actually around 2-7 years old. America is the only country in the world who makes a big deal out of this even the middle east where women walk around covered head to toe do not care about open breastfeeding. I know I have been there!

442 days ago


All I know is that I would be traumatized if grew up and saw an old photo of myself as a 2 year old, sucking on my mom's boob in the middle of a mall, for all to see. Hell, forget about the mall even. I would just be horrified that I was sucking on my mom's boob. Its one thing for infants. But for older kids, I find it disturbing. I don't care what other cultures do or say. And i don't are how they did it 500 years ago. This is the USA in 2013 and I would venture to say that at least half of society finds this very uncomfortable to watch. For that reason alone, BF'ing moms should take 10 seconds and throw a blanket over their kid. I did it with my 4 kids, and it never once ruined my day, or my babies', and I am sure a lot of people appreciated it.

442 days ago


Kudos for her. I breast feed in public and have no shame in my game. My child's getting the best nutrients for his body, and we have the best relationship. Those that think poorly of public breast feeding are either selfish, and upset they didn't continue themselves, or grew up hating the world because their mother preferred to shove a bottle in their mouth instead of devoting time and energy into them.

442 days ago


She will breast feed that kid till he is 8..

442 days ago
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