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Selma Blair

Very Public Breastfeeding

8/9/2013 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selma Blair is mixing fun bags with shopping bags -- the former "Anger Management" star was unabashedly breastfeeding in plain sight at one of the biggest shopping spots in L.A. like it was no big deal.

Blair was spotted at The Grove with her 2-year-old son ... pumping the kid full of breast milk on a trolley, surrounded by shoppers.

The move is interesting ... considering earlier this week, a Chick-fil-A in Tennessee came under fire when an employee asked a mother to stop nursing her 5-month-old kid where other people could see.

Clearly, Selma's not shy when it comes to the matter -- but we gotta ask ...


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I'm not gonna read other comments because I'm certain the ignorance will make me crazy. Breasts are for nourishing babies! It's not her fault (or any other breastfeeding mother) that men have turned women's breasts into sexual objects. Only in the United States (and Arab countries where women are oppressed) is breastfeeding looked down upon. There is NOTHING SEXUAL about breastfeeding! Also, for those who think her little guy is too old: WRONG AGAIN. The World Health Organization recommends exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months, and then breastfeeding with supplemental food added "until age 2 or longer". OR LONGER!!! Please educate yourselves people. For the love of babies everywhere.

405 days ago


How is the move "interesting" because of what happened in Tenessee? California law lets mothers breast feed virtually anywhere they want and if a business tries to stop them or even make them cover up or move to a discreet location they can get big fines.

405 days ago


No way. Kid is too old, for starters, and people need to have the common decency to cover up. Woman is a fruit loop.

405 days ago


Breasts aren't genitals. Just because they're sometimes used in sexual way doesn't make breastfeeding obscene. If you don't like it, avert your eyes. That's what I do when I see some chicks thong hanging out the back of her pants. Or some fat dude's gut sticking out. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it wrong.

405 days ago


Wow you guys are crazy. Nursing in public is normal and natural plus the law says its perfectly legal and it has laws to protect harassment towards us nursing mamas. Rather then making a big deal out of her nursing in public why don't we applaud her for nursing so long. To many parents don't even try nursing and to many stop to soon. GO SELMA!!

405 days ago


I still don't understand for the life of me why people have a problem with breastfeeding in public. I will never get it. The story here is breastfeeding a 2 year old. I think that is the weird thing here - I mean the boy has teeth and should be able to eat on his own.

405 days ago


I saw this story and pretty much (correctly) assumed that the nay-sayers would either take issue with the public nursing or his age. For me, neither of those issues individually are weird or offensive. The strange part is that he's 2 years old and still nursing on demand. I mean, he's old enough to speak in complete sentences and eat a chicken leg with his bare hands. Does mom really need to whip the boob out for comfort on a trolley... or is she just trying to make a statement?

405 days ago


So what's the scandal ? It's the most natural thing in the world. If you're seeing something dirty, it's because your mind is the perverted one.

405 days ago


Seriously, I really cannot believe the number of people bashing her on these comments. Internet muscles are not cool. 2 years old is NOT too old to breastfeed. In fact, if any of you were educated in the matter, you would know that average weaning age from breastfeeding is age 4, when their immune systems starts to develop completely on their own. I think it's completely barbaric that we are asking her to cover up while feeding her child. How would you like it if I told you to cover up while YOU were eating? Gross, I can't stand to watch you eat that steak, please for the love of God, cover up! It's just really irritating. I saw a previous comment that said something about "if I can't sit next to you and whip my shirt off because it's hot..." NOT THE SAME THING IN THE SLIGHTEST. Never will be. Breasts are made to feed children. What is she doing? Looks to me like she's feeding her child. You'd be able to see the same amount of her breast if she was wearing a bikini. Grow up and get over yourselves. It's time to live in the 21st century and know that breastfeeding in private and in public has been going on since the beginning of time. Move on with your lives.

405 days ago


Yawn, TMZ. This isn't news it's the natural biology of the human race. Stop discriminating and harassing women. Your photographer and editors for publishing this should be embarrassed. Ridiculous.

405 days ago


Why stop at public breastfeeding. People should be able to pee in public too. It's a natural bodily function. Having sex is beautiful too. Why not have sex in public. The argument used for public breast feeding could be used for a lot of things.

405 days ago

I Breast Feed    

TMZ is such s*** -- never fail to scrape under the barrell

405 days ago


GROSS...Not recommended for anybody

405 days ago

Eye roll     

This is considered gross?! Are you kidding me? Whoever shot that pic is gross. Breastfeeding is normal. That's what boobs are for. It's natural. This debate is old- and it's ridiculous that a mom should ever be ashamed to feed her baby by her boobs. That's what they are for you idiots.

405 days ago


agreed the kid is to old just looks nasty....and to RCY comment...the consenses of society agreeing the kids to old is who says so...its just creepy...

405 days ago
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