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Lindsay Lohan

Looks Like

... a Normal Person

8/11/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehab does a body good ... as evidenced by this picture of Lindsay Lohan looking less like a blowfish and more like a completely regular human.

The pic was snapped Saturday in L.A. while LiLo was out shopping with sister Ali. Photogs almost missed the shot ... mistaking her for a happy, healthy girl ... then realized it was in fact the rehabbed starlet.


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Wow! She looks great - unless you prefer the trailer trash look. I hope she is able to maintain her sobriety.

348 days ago


She did GREAT on Chealsey Lately...she was entertaining, funny and an engaging host. I hope she stays sober. She also said "she'd love it if the paparazzi never ever took her picture again." This photo is proof that was a lie. No STAR in Hollywood EVER drives around in a convertible sports car unless they WANT TO BE HOUNDED. The star tour buses and tourists alone are a pain in the ass....let alone the paps. Proves my point hat when they need exposure the paparazzi are their BEST BUDDIES and they use them like a well connected get ahead.

348 days ago


The challenge to all you hate checkin mudder fcukers is to stay on task. Don't just come out with you hate checks blazing and abandon you're idol mid way through, cause we sure as hell won't

348 days ago

Big Daddy    

Hurry up and relapse already so we can start hating on you again, ya skanky hoe! You can dooo iiiittt!!

348 days ago


I hope this time was a charm. She looks pretty good here. NO PLASTIC SURGERY INCLUDING FILLERS!!

348 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Planned, posed and paps called in. I will say this: I like the marble skin. It goes better with the ginger hair. When she is all orange with brassy hair she looks old old old. Sometimes spray tan's make you look old and wrinkly. She's bigger now but if she muscles up she would look okay. I'm sorry but she is not a babe in the woods anymore. Grow up Lilo. BTW : Kraken is an ancient sea monster of northern European tradition. Like a big octopus or squid. It has many tentacled and wraps itself around ships.

348 days ago


She looks like poor white trash to me.

348 days ago


WHO is letting her drive around in their white mercedes convertible?

348 days ago


All the fat women and gay men on here are going to hate on her but Lindsay looks hot, her body is rockin and any man thats not gay would love to give it to her good!

348 days ago


Lindsay and that kooky sister Ali need to have there wardrobes cleaned and burned. Hate check away Lindsay lovers

348 days ago


Lindsay you're looking fabulous!!!
The hater's are just jealous of her fame beauty
And her money...

348 days ago


Before I make my decision let's give her about 6 months of staying clean.

348 days ago


She looks much better than before but she still looks much older than age and her skin looks awful. She always has a smelly, dirty look to her. Her lifestyle have ruined what looks she had. If she really wants to change good for her but I just think this all for show to please people and so people will believe shes a changed person. Shes done the same thing all the other times shes been forced into rehab why should people suddenly believe her now?? We'll see how long this lasts for. If she looks the same in 3 to 6 months then MAYBE I might believe she wants to change her life but its way too soon for people to be saying shes changed when shes just been out of rehab less then two weeks.

348 days ago


Why do white girls with no a ss always wear booty shorts?!

348 days ago


Also I would love to know how shes travelling and how she can afford to be driving a car like that when shes apparently so broke and in debt? We all know she has no money in her name unless Oprah has paid her already.

348 days ago
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