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Passive Aggressive Oprah

Gives BS Apology for

Switzerland Racist Flap

8/13/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_oprah_tmzOprah Winfrey says she's kinda sorta "sorry" for the fallout that ensued after she told the media about a "racist" encounter at a purse store in Switzerland ... saying, "I'm really sorry that it got blown up."

Yeah, right.

Oprah addressed the media at the premiere of "The Butler" in L.A. last night -- backpedaling after the shop in question started to refute O's allegations of racism during an incident last month.

The shop owner says the whole thing was a "misunderstanding" and had "nothing to do with racism."

Last night, Oprah said ... "I think that incident in Switzerland was just an incident in Switzerland. I'm really sorry that it got blown up. I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I'm sorry that I said it was Switzerland."

Problem is ... O's full of it. What did she think was going to happen when she went on national TV and cried racism? The media was just going to ignore that??

Oprah once ragged on hamburgers and single-handedly CRIPPLED the beef industry. She knew damn well how the media was going to handle the Switzerland situation ... which is why she went to the media in the first place. Her mission was to destroy the shop.

There are some people who are saying Oprah's Swiss encounter wasn't really about race -- Oprah was just mad she wasn't treated like Her Royal O-ness because the shop employee didn't recognize her ... but now, after the employee told the media she's being unfairly attacked, O's feeling a little guilty.

But pretending not to know about the impact of her race allegations?? That's like Obama pretending not to know what's gonna happen if he pushes that big red button in the White House.

C'mon O ... you're smarter than that. And so are we.



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Oprah: Once you tell 1 person, you know it's gonna be public knowledge. You are not a newbie to the media, so you know how they are. You of all people should have known this was going viral. Here's another tip for you: STOP SHOPPING OVERSEAS, THEY DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY!

434 days ago

Ventura Capitalist    

Uncle Leo: Look at this, I told them medium rare, it's medium. I bet that cook is an anti-Semite. They don't just overcook a hamburger, Jerry.

Jerry: All right. Anyway, the point I was making before Goebbels made your hamburger...

434 days ago


OMG when Oompah Lumpaa is not totally made up with with Maxine Waters wig she looks like a hood rat.

434 days ago


You all have to understand Trayvon was getting all the attention and Oompah was feeling left out. Bedsides she has a new movie coming out and the race card has to be played. It is a business model for blacks.

besides it didn't help the shop keeper was , trim, blonde and excessively white which probably pissed off Oomprah no end so she gave her an international "beat down" ala Rachel Jentelle

434 days ago

b de v    

I feel bad for the crocodile that got torn apart and "skinned" alive because of the type and color of their skin just to make a $38,000 handbag out of it for Oprah to use once or twice. Right Harvey? F O

434 days ago


Apparently The Big O thinks that everyone in the universe should recognize her, whether she's over-dressed, or under-dressed. Some of us have never watched her narcissistic displays on television, much less follow her every move - or in this case - her every stumble. A well bred, humble, quietly understanding person would have simply overlooked the sales associate's deficiencies - if there were any deficiencies. But The Big O just couldn't pass up the opportunity to play her "card". We might want to remember that many residents of Switzerland are truly multi-lingual (not counting ebonics). Many Swiss have a functional, working knowledge of Italian, German and French. Other than the language of Money and Ego, what languages other than English does The Big O speak? Ms. Winfrey's behavior was tawdry, needlessly damaging, and socially inappropriate. Behavior like O's could potentially cost a hard working sales clerk her job. Oprah, you're pathetic. Go home, and don't come back.

434 days ago


oprah is an old news cow.

434 days ago


search the internet not the first time this happens to her she has alot of money but .....she is of color this is the first thing people see very sad

434 days ago

Rose Petal    

Ms. O really loves to get her a kissed. She pulled this same crap a few years ago in Paris. She could hardly wait to get it on the air. who's the racist here?

434 days ago

LIV Mike    

Take away her program, take away her endorsements, take away her livelihood because she misspoke

434 days ago


I knew her story was bogus. There is no way a clerk in a store like that would dissuade someone from buying an overpriced luxury item. That's exactly what those stores are for -- to let people waste their money. I'm sure it was simply that Oprah was miffed that no one recognized her and dutifully kissed her posterior.... the kind of treatment she is used to.

434 days ago


I don't think Oprah was trying to put the store out of business. She wasn't even thinking that far. It's all about the O. She's just one more celeb who can't drag herself offstage and needed to be the center of attention. What better way to do it than with her very own -- highly embroidered -- tale of racist woe? Very sad. I never care for her chat show, but I used to admire her work ethic and her yes-you-can message to young women. Then she started babbling new age pablum and it all went in the dumper.

434 days ago


Oprah your Pathetic..

434 days ago


......I supposed that the sheep have bought into the notion that only Africans can define racism....!

434 days ago


Question for Diva Oprah: How many $35K Chanel handbags does it take to fill your empty soul? Don't expect sympathy from the public. You'll have to pay for it and get it from Dr. Phil.

434 days ago
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