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Passive Aggressive Oprah

Gives BS Apology for

Switzerland Racist Flap

8/13/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_oprah_tmzOprah Winfrey says she's kinda sorta "sorry" for the fallout that ensued after she told the media about a "racist" encounter at a purse store in Switzerland ... saying, "I'm really sorry that it got blown up."

Yeah, right.

Oprah addressed the media at the premiere of "The Butler" in L.A. last night -- backpedaling after the shop in question started to refute O's allegations of racism during an incident last month.

The shop owner says the whole thing was a "misunderstanding" and had "nothing to do with racism."

Last night, Oprah said ... "I think that incident in Switzerland was just an incident in Switzerland. I'm really sorry that it got blown up. I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I'm sorry that I said it was Switzerland."

Problem is ... O's full of it. What did she think was going to happen when she went on national TV and cried racism? The media was just going to ignore that??

Oprah once ragged on hamburgers and single-handedly CRIPPLED the beef industry. She knew damn well how the media was going to handle the Switzerland situation ... which is why she went to the media in the first place. Her mission was to destroy the shop.

There are some people who are saying Oprah's Swiss encounter wasn't really about race -- Oprah was just mad she wasn't treated like Her Royal O-ness because the shop employee didn't recognize her ... but now, after the employee told the media she's being unfairly attacked, O's feeling a little guilty.

But pretending not to know about the impact of her race allegations?? That's like Obama pretending not to know what's gonna happen if he pushes that big red button in the White House.

C'mon O ... you're smarter than that. And so are we.



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Oprah , you take your $$$ and stick it,

damn trash, and liar, publicity whore.

crying now cause people don't like her, waaaa waaaaa,

437 days ago


Hey if telling someone that they can't afford a purse just because the only thing they know about her is the color of her skin...THAT IS RACISM. What else can it be? If the clerk had recognized Oprah then I seriously doubt the clerk would have made the comments, since everyone knows that Oprah is one of the richest women in the WORLD. Personally, I am not black, I am white and I believe Oprah. Not even a fan of Oprah and I believe her. Oprah probably would not have even told this story if the paps had not been all over the Rae Dawn Chong/Oprah fued due to RDC's slave comments directed at Oprah.

437 days ago


Sorry to say happens all the time. I am an educated Black man that makes good money and I have salespeople who lead me away from high end items in stores. Happened in the Garmin store when I wanted a GPS watch, happened in the Tumi store when I wanted a set of luggage. I either go to another store or find another sales person who won't mind taking my Platinum American Express. No reason to sound the alarm. People are ignorant sometimes.

437 days ago

Real n the field    

oprah chill the buzz giving black folk a bad look..your rich as all get out, and you complaining to the world, you was treated bad....beatch please...
there is a difference between racist and prejudice.
i wasn't there so i cannot call it, but you may have been treated with prejudice.. the clerk probably pre-judged you in thinking you couldn't afford the bag,,but call her racist is a bit steep.(unless she called you ***** to your face, then she is racist)

this racism **** is getting real damn old...

437 days ago


I don't like the tone of this article!!!

437 days ago


What about the time she cried racism in france at the Hermes boutique when she was AGAIN "trying to buy a gift for Tina Turner." She was with Gail and they needed a "last minute gift" to bring to visit Tina and the shop was closed during regular business hours and Oprah complained they would not open for her and it was racism. They were in the middle of doing INVENTORY! She is quick to toss the race card. Have you ever met her??? If you are white she snubs you. I was forced to attend 2 of her shows when she was still filming here years ago. They forced us to stay after the filming is done to shake hands with her - I just wanted to go catch my train. SHe fussed over the black women next to me, lkooked anywhere but in my direciton when she came to me to shake my hand and then complimented my hispanic friend who dragged me there. She never even looked me in the eye. Happened the same way the second time too. She is such a hypocrite. Maybe she needs to plan getting her gifts for Tina better! Seems like that is when she is always "discriminated against." Like she HONESTLY never knew her comment would stir up trouble. LIAR!!!!!

437 days ago

Kevin Collings    

Let forget the Race Thing in this story, the fact is that when any customer come's into a store and ask to see an item, isn't the customer always Right? And you should show them the item. So if she refused to show a customer an item, what would be the salesperson reason for not showing her the Bag?

437 days ago


You go to a European country, you respect their customs and laws. Do not take American hangups there. They are not interested in this crap. Leave your pseudo racists rantings at home. Have a get together with jesse jackson, al sharpton, jeremiah wright, maya angelou etc and moan and complain at how you are all downtrodden, persecuted and kept down by the man.
I'm tired of this ugly old bag.

437 days ago


Another insincere racist jerk who loves to point the finger and cast blame on everyone else. This idiot might be rich but it cannot hide character. So glad she's off network TV. Now i don't have to see her ugly mug while i'm channel surfing past her lame show.

437 days ago


She is the antichrist

437 days ago


Oprah is just another race baiter. She can line up with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

437 days ago


The only thing she's sorry about is the backlash SHE got for crying racism where, clearly, NONE existed! She was obviously just looking to get her name in the press as the movie opened. What a pathetic b~~ch!

437 days ago


i like the big o, in general- respect her, think she's good for society, etc. but, i thought this one was bull**** from the beginning. those stores do make an assessment of your weath based on your appearance, and race may or may not have anything to do with it. did she go in there without makeup and jewels and in her sweats? cuz, if she looked like the normal o, that clerk would've LOVED to show and sell her that expensive purse. oprah is just not used to not being recognized and treated like a queen. i think she probably needs to really think about this and apologize for jumping to conclusions. those types of things diminish from true racism- which yes, does exist.

437 days ago


I think it had more to do with the fact that someone didn't recognize her.. If I worked at that place, I would be telling everybody who came in that you can't afford this and if you could, I would body slam you for spending 40k on a freakin hand bag!!!!

437 days ago

Laughing at fandom    

EVERYTHING is racist if you are black. The claim reinforces the desire to be a victim and relieves one of all personal responsibility in their minds.

437 days ago
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