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Kim K to Katie Couric

You're a

Two-Faced Bitch

8/16/2013 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kim Kardashian
is reeling after Katie Couric slammed her in an interview Thursday -- despite sending her a baby gift for North West -- telling Katie not to "talk s**t" if she's going to pretend to be nice.

Kim just responded on Instagram to Katie's In Touch interview, in which Katie said she doesn't understand why Kim and the rest of the Kardashians are famous. Katie said, "I think it's mostly teenage girls that are interested."

And Kim isn't happy, posting an image of the gift Katie sent to her for baby North West, including hashtags that say "I hate fake media friends" and "May I humbly suggest you not send gifts then talk s**t."


PS -- If you're wondering why Katie's gift message is cut off, we're told it was a printing error. The message was delivered that way.


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Lost all respect for Katie for even sending a gift; that's the reason you never cut it as a real journalist anchorwoman

440 days ago


Kim you failed logic 101, it funny how you hate fake media friends yet have no problem whoring your self out to the media. Just becase the memebers of the media dont kiss your ass does not mean you should be such an ungreatful bitch about it

440 days ago


Bi+ch please, look up fake & you will find kimmode's fake face & a$$ there. The pot calling the kettle black. Tell kanye who called the media when you went to your baby's appointment. Since his stupid a$$ is the only one who doesn't know it was you. Fake?? It is the only word in your vocabulary that is attached to you for life. Katie Couric was only stating what everyone else in the media knows but won't say. 2 snaps up for Katie!!

440 days ago


I'm sure Katie or her"friends" is thinking the same thing about why are they famous she made a sex tape.that sux her basically chopping her gums with bubble gum so WOW Kim is shocked that people think that..

440 days ago


Good one Kim! We still hate you.

440 days ago


Only mistake Katie made was calling them famous, instead of what they are...infamous

440 days ago


It was probably taken out of context. Or Kris is beating her in the ratings and she is butt hurt.

440 days ago


Kimmie is a Urinal. the whole world would piss on you.

440 days ago


Are you all little girls? According to Katie, she"s famous only with a bunch of little girls. Well these Kardashian threads are most popular because all you Libs sit on you fat azzes all day with nothing better to do than stuff your faces with food that the hard WORKING CLASS citizens BOUGHT FOR YOU, and aggressively post hateful comments on the Kardashians, you guys keep them VERY relevant. If you wanted them to go away, you'd stop posting.

440 days ago


Kim K. Has the mental and emotional maturity of a 14 or 15 year old girl...maybe that's why all of her fans are low IQ teeny boppers. Also,,Americans don't like slutty women,,never have never will!!! Take a hike Trashians..

440 days ago


Dear TMZ,
I speak for a multitude of your constituency. We don't give a Flying Crap about Kim, Kanye, or their SPAWN. Please no more stories about this ungrateful, spoiled attention whore.

Proud King of Kim Kardashian HATERS

440 days ago


Oh my God, away with those b*tches, AWAY WITH THOSE B*TCHES!!!

440 days ago


What Katie said was notning compared to what everyone else says. I really don't understand people that act very poorly and then wonder why they get talked about. When i act stupid..i know people will talk...

440 days ago


Kim calling out someone in the media for acting fake? Pot, meet kettle.

440 days ago


We're entitled to our opinions ...and to tell you we see no talent in a stank who spreads her legs for her fake as! Body, she has no class! So shut the f&%* up.

440 days ago
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