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Paris Jackson

I Want My Brother Back

8/22/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
was at war with her brother Prince days before she tried to commit suicide, and we've learned she's now extremely regretful and wants to mend fences.

Jackson family sources tell TMZ ... Paris felt abandoned by not just Prince, but by everyone in her world.  When Michael was alive the family bond was unbreakable.  But after he died, she not only lost her father, but the family unit disintegrated.  She couldn't relate to Blanket because he was too young, ditto Katherine because she was too old, so the only possible soulmate was Prince.

We're told Prince became distant to Paris because he developed other interests -- girls, martial arts and cars.  Paris became enraged and the two argued fiercely, which escalated up to the time Paris took a meat cleaver to her arm.

We're told one of the reasons Paris became close to Debbie Rowe is because her mother showed a genuine interest and love for her daughter -- which meant a lot.  But Rowe couldn't solve the big problem in Paris' life -- the feeling of abandonment.

Our sources say Paris has recently been telling friends and family she wants to repair her relationship with Prince, and regrets the conflicts that divided them.

Short story ... we're told the fact that Paris is expressing these feelings is great progress.



No Avatar


pure speculation by poorly trained low-paid TMZ Levin spawn!

367 days ago


She just needs to stay close to her mother and stay away from those Jacksons, Prince included

367 days ago

Sticky Icky    

I can't believe you guy continue to cover this poor girl. She's a young, troubled, civilian. She isn't trying to be famous, only trying to live her life it seems. Go bother some of the thousands of young women in Hollywood who are dying to get chewed up and spit out. In other words, go make up stories about people who want to be on TMZ!

367 days ago


The story is harmless. Most of the comments are vile. I hope Paris either doesn't read this crap or is strongly encouraged not to. This is a teenage girl who had nothing to do with her father's behavior.

367 days ago


TMZ and these "sources" need to leave Paris alone and let her heal.

367 days ago


WOW, they like attention

367 days ago

Umm ok...    

These kids were born into a barrel of crazy to fulfill a need for their father. Their births seem oddly experimental genetically and the whole family dynamic is bizarre. They have an uphill battle to try to become normal people as the whole world watches. I hope they do ok.

367 days ago


Of course her mother can't help her with her feelings of abandonment... She abbandoned them...

I just hope her intentions are genuine, Paris needs a mother.

367 days ago


FFS LEAVE this little girl and her family ALONE. How much of a dirtbag muther fker do you need to prove to the world you are, HARVEY. Fk u and Fk off.

367 days ago


Feel sorry for these kids. Wacko father, a mother who's judgement to have kids for a "star" for him, and then the mooch extended family. I dunno, doesn't leave this kid many options. At least the mother is trying. The rest of them only lick their chops over MJ's money.

367 days ago


Can we just admit this family is a train wreck???

367 days ago


Let this story drop, she is a teen having teen emotions during a very struggling time due to the loss of her father.

367 days ago


If little Jordan Chandler had stayed in his own daddy's bed, Prince wouldn't be so bitter now.

367 days ago

Master Po    

And this is what happens when you find out no one is really related besides being raised by a nanny as daddy slept with little boys.

Once that bombshell came out in court that they are not MJ bio kids the fangirls have been scrambling for anything. They swore up and down these were his. And in the end they were bought because daddy got tired of paying off those pesky parents who kept c0ck blocking.

367 days ago


Paris needs Debbie.

367 days ago
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