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Chris Brown

The Racist Ass D.A. Is Out To Get Me!

8/23/2013 5:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown
is the victim of a racist ass District Attorney -- so claims Chris Brown.

The ever-deflecting singer went on a twitter rant last night, ragging on authorities for calling him out for submitting bogus community service reports in the Rihanna beating case.  The judge ordered Brown last week to do 1,000 hours of additional, legitimate community service.

Apparently Brown has been steaming over the ruling, and exploded last night, saying, "Nigga done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist ass crying to the judge that I didn't do it.  F**k the SYSTEM!"

Fun Fact -- the actual L.A. County D.A. is an African-American woman.

Brown thinks punishing men for beating women at a point is ridiculous, saying, "How about y'all take care of all the homeless kids and families on skid row."  And then there's this defiance:  "Family first!  The LAW ... last."

0823_chris_brown_graffiti_porsche_x17And for final bad measure, Brown referred to his last mobile edition to his art collection -- "I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u bitchass niggas and this bitchass system!"

Beating women can be such a bitch.



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pk kelly    

You again! Yea your right,this is all your world and others just live in it and we have too follow the rules but not you because you can sing a f---ing song..beat woman,destroy others property and this guy in a black robe telling the great cris brown what to do!its called the law paint your house stop beating woman and get your ass out there and pick up the trash I throw out my window on the freeway(and I litter more now cause you have to pick it up)thanks..then sing a little diddy about it..preferably from a island far far get it done!

424 days ago


You came a long way from that doublement buble gum commercial homie.

424 days ago


Isn't he racist for using the N word? Also he is a sexist for beating his girlfriend.

424 days ago


Welcome to the belly of the beast... white America hates successful blackmen. **** you "creepy ass crackers" ! We blacks HATE ya'll too. :)

424 days ago


Yeah Christ the DA hates you cause you're black it has nothing to so with the fact that you are a lying woman beater who forges court do***ents!

424 days ago

pk kelly    

I understand you being a racist, it just the way it is. Speaking for most creepy ass crackers the real truth is we feel the same. Lions don't swing with monkeys, monkeys don't hang with dogs, cats don't hang with baboons, panther don't hang with go rillas..its the way it is..I am a wood and don't swing with poop-eating monkeys..if you don't like it go home, and I mean home. Don't complain just shut up the fu-k up and go cracker.

424 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

Racist bull****! You're a thug punk idiot--deserve time in jail.

424 days ago


So sick of these idiots crying "racism" every time something doesn't go their way. Boo friggin hoo. Like your the only one who's been screwed by the system.

424 days ago

pk kelly    

Cracker says your a racist. If you don't like the rules go home, and I mean home. And take all your nig#a homies with you..nig#a please

424 days ago


If the Virginia police hadn't lied for him, and he was actually MAN enough to do what was required of him, he wouldn't be in this situation! Always somebody else's fault, not his...LOSER!!!

424 days ago


Everything is racist according to every black thug!!!

424 days ago

John Elliott    

This guy would of at least gotten a beat down if not shanked even on a PC yard in a CA prison. He got off easy and could not even do his requirements I have zero sympathy for this maggot. It is time either for the people or the system to make examples of these people if it ever wants to retain the appearance of not being corrupt.

424 days ago


Does any one not believe this jerk is a childish, vulgar, classless black man? No wonder "racism" still exists in America.
It is little wonder he has joined the race card carrying pack of soulless, ignorant and wasted darkies.

424 days ago


So, ***** painted that white car with monsters? No class at all. What would one expect from a woman beater?

424 days ago

steve kovach    

Right, because your Black. not because your a player/gangsta that beats women right?

424 days ago
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