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Miley Cyrus Rapping

A$AP Rocky's

Really High Review

8/30/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is now officially a rapper -- sorta -- which gave us the perfect opportunity to ask A$AP Rocky what he thinks of MC's skills on the mic.

Check out his review -- it was awesome ... for a guy who was "high as f**k!"



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God I'm soo bored with this chick already. Sheesh!

388 days ago


Harvey we all know you are on Board with Miley Rapping about Drugs, Even Comparing it to the Beatles. The Beatles Songs have Not only Lasted over 40 Years, but people still love them. Are Mileys songs good enough that they are loved for over 40 years or will they be done in less than 40 weeks. Hers songs are just Terrible.

388 days ago

Micho rizo    

Hahaha... She has a pancake ass... Hahahaha

388 days ago


mILEY looked like she masturbates all the time.
it was so gross! The flashing light on her v -jay
was so nasty. her white coated yeasty tounge sticking out was beyond nasty. that girl is whcked out of her mind on something. no men well even date her now. it wasn't art it was porn!
it is embarssing for our whole country!!
that girl needs help! YUC!

388 days ago


Mileyis already famous she didn't have to publicly masturbate to get attion. actting out sex with drugged up teddy bears. what is our country coming to when we push this stuff on our youth. her performance was a reflection of how this country has lost its moral compass. she's straite up crazy to do that. she took wholesome hanna m. and turned her into the deveil.
all at the expence of everyone else.
its not even cool to make fun of it it is beyond un excptable to have children watching that and everyone else. Miely is GROSS!
2 her brain is fryied from drug use!! sick- ing.

388 days ago


Her discusting display of masturbation over shadows any rapping or singing. anyone who says it was ok
is wrong and stupied.MTV should be sued for putting that on the air for kids to see. all her records well be banned. it was counter productive for her to do that.
she also has ruined her reputation for good.
she wanted to spit intthe face of hanna maontana.
all she did was show the world she is a moraless s*** hag. ewwww
It was sick and she promoted drug use to teens on top of porn. no one has ever gone that low on mtv befor. what nexted.mtv should have to pay a fine or something they went too far. it wasn't internatiment or art it was just slutty druged out
display of one messed up girl. it was forced on people who don't want to see that. Miley well be doing a lot more masturbation cuz no man well touch her now! you could see the STDS growing on her funky tounge! LIKE MOLD!

388 days ago

user name    

Who didn't already know that this would be the outcome when she was humping a pole at 16! I actually think its funny.

388 days ago


Lol he was funny. I still like Miley. She's just being Miley. lol

388 days ago


Miley raps about lean and drugs because she's about that life now.

388 days ago


ugh enough of the skank already. She is so mediocre its very easy to get bored with her

388 days ago


miley cyrus is a career killer. anyone associated with her better run. that piece of racist crap she pulled was an abomination. has anyone around her counseled her about real life?

388 days ago


just look at the two goof asses that she is trying to look "hard" with in the photo. she is as street at a souflee on a down pillow in a cornfield in nebraska.

388 days ago


She's a nutjob and he's a nobody.

388 days ago


Who goes to a meet and greet to a goral to see sean Kingston

388 days ago

Sticky Icky    

How many rappers does she need to fluck to get street cred?

388 days ago
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