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Dennis Rodman

I'm Back From North Korea

... Empty Handed

9/7/2013 7:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Dennis Rodman didn't have enough good/il will with Kim Jong Un to get captured American missionary Kenneth Bae out of North Korea.

As Rodman bid farewell at Beijing's international airport Saturday morning, he confessed he didnt even raise the issue with the crazy prez because, "That's not my job to ask." 

The Worm added, "Ask Obama about that. Ask Hillary Clinton, I don't give a sh*t."

For what it's worth -- Rodman said before his trip that he wasn't going to orchestrate a release for Bae.

Nevertheless, it won't enhance his prospect to become the next secretary of state. 



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Is this some kind of a joke or Hoax? I saw Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice and he just babbled. Made zero sense. Seems to have lost a few brain cells. And he is talking to political leaders in Korea?? Is the USA nuts???

389 days ago


hopefully jong il will kidnap rodman and make him stay in prison in place of the missionary

389 days ago


as long as north korea keeps giving him drugs rodman will do whatever they say

389 days ago


I bet Donald Trump is real proud.

389 days ago


What a knob..Doesn't give a "s@#%" about another human being unjustly held by a dictator who just held a public execution of those very "dangerous" musicians a week b4 he got there - What a TOOL! Guess what Moron - no one give a "s@#%" about you! Feel free to fall off the earth anytime now.....IDIOT!

389 days ago

Jo Ann    

What a joke this creep is!

388 days ago

BB not bb    

He doesn't give a damn? That is nice talk. He doesn't mind partying with someone who kidnaps Americans and tortures them for no reason? He could be next. They could just be seeing what they could get out of him for their basketball clinics and then they will kidnap him too and throw him in a cell for being of no use.

These crazy dictator murdered that whole orchestra of female musicians that played for Rodman the last time he was there. One of them was KIm Jong Uns's girlfriend and he got another one, so he murdered the whole bunch. He said the ex released a sex tape about him and that is why they were all killed. But the real reason was that they were caught with Bibles.

This guy hates Christians. I don't know what faith Dennis Rodman is, but when you dance with the devil, you pay the price.

388 days ago


Guys, this guy has done nothing wrong. He is not Snowden or the similar. He is not leaking any top secret files to enemies because he has none! You also did not ELECT him to represent you as a diplomat. Y'all getting frustrated because he happens to get alone with Dictator Kim Jon-Un. ''Get out of my country'' you all say, he served his country by being someone a lot of people look up to, what did you do to earn that comment? NONE. Rodman is a free man, who just like you loves this country and his people ( do little research about him) and he can do whatever he pleases so long he does not threaten the security of this nation. IF YOU WANT (ED) HIM TO BRING Bae home, ELECT HIM, OR KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF.

388 days ago


Why don't they keep this freak over there...It would be worth some concessions to leave him there wouldn't it???

388 days ago


Don't forget that Madonna licked his ass too (literally). He and Madonna need to make a place in la la land together.

388 days ago


What a piece of ****. He needs to be prosecuted for treason. he is visiting privately with a known terrorist that has threatened america countless times. Granted he is a little pip squeak and is probably not going to do ****, the fact that this "basketball star" could get the missionary released since he is "friends" with the little pip squeak and he doesnt, he needs to have the **** beat out of him. Multiple times.

386 days ago


What a piece of ****

386 days ago
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