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Gwyneth's Reckless Ride

Risks Her Child's Life

9/9/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Gwyneth Paltrow could have killed herself and one of her kids when she pulled her Vespa out in front of bus WITHOUT looking both ways ... why would she and Chris Martin take such a huge risk to transport their young kids?

Plus, Simon Cowell joins us to talk about fatherhood! What was his honest reaction when he found out Lauren Silverman was pregnant, will they live together -- and ... is MARRIAGE in the future?

And, a diamond-covered Paris Hilton drops by in grand fashion to explain how she beat the odds (and many critics) to become one of the biggest DJs in world.

(0:00) Gwenyth Paltrow pulls her Vespa out in front of a BUS ... while one of her kids was sitting on the back. She got lucky ... but what was she thinking?
(6:00) Simon Cowell joins us to talk about his future child, the "X Factor" reboot ... and to squirm when we ask him about the dreaded 'M' word (marriage).
(10:00) Jane Lynch's divorce is getting expensive -- will this finally show that gay marriage is just as risky as the heterosexual version?
(14:00) Lamar Odom roams the streets of LA at all hours of the night -- and it's a sad situation.
(18:00) Paris Hilton joins us to talk about becoming one of the most sought after DJs in the world ... and how she built an empire while everyone was counting her out.
(24:00) Miley Cyrus booted from the cover of Vogue after her MTV VMA performance ... and Harvey thinks it's a good thing.
(27:00) Tyra Banks dons white face to pay homage to legendary models -- should there be the same uproar there would be if a white model donned black face?
(30:00) Dr Phil pays $65k for a contraption that's supposed to extend your life. You buying it?
(32:00) The war in Syria -- why aren't celebs coming out against President Obama? (36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson gets hurt -- then pukes -- in a celebrity soccer match ... and we have the hilariously disturbing video.

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You guys need to update. First off put 10:30 AM besides 10:00 AM because it never starts that early.

Also you need to update the side graphic that says "Call us at 1:30PM PT" it has been at least two weeks since you changed the time.

417 days ago


Started 27 minutes late today.

417 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Let Max co host!

417 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Simon your a douche. I hope after you have your kid some other douche knocks up that wh**e Lauren yet again and snags your life out from under you. Even better if the douche is one of your friends like you did you POS

417 days ago


you morons can speculate all you want to. You don't know a thing as usual. You people are lame. Why the heck am I on here?

417 days ago


what the **** is a magazine and who care if someone is on the cover or not lol

417 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Black face, White Face, Neither bother me but then i'm not racist. I think the only people that find offence in either are people that are racist and hung up on racism. and its a shame they are un able to see beauty in tyra pics, except the real weird looking one of course. and laugh when its funny.
Take a break racists

417 days ago


Yup if were the other way around Jessie and and Al would be on their soap box and the phony outrage would be flying from the white community as well....

417 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

On Obama,
None of the celebrities want to go against Obama since they supported him and got him in office they feel stupid going against what they helped get in office.
Its partially their fault hes in there.

417 days ago


There is a 22 nation arab nation alliance. Why are they not going into syria, why do they expect the US to go in? We are already hated in the middle east, this just makes it a whole lot worse

417 days ago


Nothing live about TMZ on your television.

417 days ago


what was gwenyth thinking driving like that way with her kid on the back she is lucky . and Dr. Phil maybe bought the thing just to test it out and ma is going to do a show on it. Who cares if tyra used some white face for as dax said she was paying tribute to some models. in her own way. and Jane should have signed a prenup before she married Laura for now its costing her big time. plus 48 grand for take out that sure is a lot of fast food.

417 days ago


This is great War of the Super Models. Naomi Campbell and Iman are fighting for more color in hiring models, and Tyra is fighting for the White Models. Let the Best of the 3 win.

417 days ago

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