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Whitney Houston Cop

Accused of Ogling Her Body

9/18/2013 11:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


One of the cops responding to Whitney Houston's death allegedly exposed her dead body ... and made crass comments. Now another cop claims he's being punished for filing a complaint about the incident. We explain why there's definitely behind this creepy story.

Plus, Zac Efron's rehab stint for cocaine. Everyone thought it was just alcohol, but we've learned what was really going on ... and just how bad it got before he got help.

And Game joined us to explain why he's decided to give away $1 million of his own money -- and how he's getting other celebs, like Drake, to join the cause.

(0:00) Whitney Houston -- did a cop really ogle her dead body after she died ... setting off a crazy chain of events?
(10:00) Zac Efron -- details about his rehab for cocaine.
(14:00) Gwenyth Paltrow can legally drive her Vespa now ... wonder what made her finally decide to go in and get her license?
(18:00) Game joins us to explain why he's using a ton of his money to help people in need.
(24:00) Carlos Santana's car accident -- way worse that first expected.
(29:00) Pippi Longstocking's sex tape -- is she full of BS when she claims she doesn't want it released?
(30:00) Oscar De La Hoya says he appreciated Floyd Mayweather's apology ... but is he kidding?
(32:00) Formerly gay viral video star Antoine Dodson got a lady pregnant -- he joins us to explain how it all happened.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... viewer hate mail!

No Avatar


I'm tapping my watch.......

365 days ago


I'm rolling my eyes.........

365 days ago

Wow ...    

I believe the remarks were made about Whitney. It happens all of the time. When you see things law enforcement sees, you develop a wall to deal with it all. I'm not saying it's right, just saying it happens.

365 days ago


I'm surprised there's no phone pics

365 days ago

Wow ...    

BTW TMZ, your new time slot for the Live show... Sadly, you end up discussing "old news" and it becomes redundant. I"m not sure why production has started earlier in the day, but please reconsider changing it back to the orig time slot. On another note, I'd like to say thank you for not reporting on the medical treatment of Amanda Bynes and the recovery Paris J. Much appreciated, I stopped coming to the site for almost a month because you were crossing the line, imo.

365 days ago

Wow ...    

Game, thanks for doing what you are doing. It is much appreciated! I am not a fan of your music or prior lifestyle, but you are getting some respect from me.

365 days ago


I dont see what the big deal is? So what if the cop did "ogle" who cares? And I am a woman! I hope that when Im dead I look good enough to get ogled!

365 days ago


The GTA 5 layout looks pretty cool. I'm disappointed there is no TMZ like app on my smartphone in the game though, or a TV show that is like Tmz with a character like Harvey in it.

365 days ago

Flying Blind    

Their show airs at 6pm here on a channel my TV Cable won't even pick-up. That would be 4pm their time, so i guess they needed more time to cut and paste.

365 days ago

Wow ...    

Yeah Harvey, drug addiction does not discriminate. It doesn't matter what you look like or who you are.

365 days ago

Gavin Tyler    

just skyped in for TMZ Live on the Gwyneth Paltrow story.

365 days ago

Wow ...    

Driving while tired can be as bad as a DUI.

365 days ago


Harvey wan'ts to have him put down

365 days ago

Wow ...    

No there should not be an age cut off for a driver's license. However, there should be a complete physical exam, eye tests, etc along with new DMV tests both on the road and in office.

365 days ago

Wow ...    

Have a good day all. See ya later.

365 days ago
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