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Ex-NFL'er Faces Lawsuits

After Kids TRASH His House

9/20/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Brian Holloway could be facing the most absurd lawsuit we've ever seen! The ex-NFL player's home was trashed by hundreds of partying kids -- and now the parents of those punks want to sue him for outing them on the Internet?? Brian and his son joined us to discuss.

Plus, Michael Jackson takes a nasty fall during one of his last photo shoots -- and everyone just has to face it ... it's funny.

And, Michael Lohan called in to rip Dina Lohan a new one for letting her home go into foreclosure -- and to question what she's been doing with all the money she's been borrowing from him and Lindsay.

(0:00) Former NFL star Brian Holloway and his son join us to explain how a bunch of kids broke into their home, threw a party, destroyed the place ... and are now looking to sue THEM.
(6:00) Britney Spears -- totally cheating on Pepsi.
(10:00) One of Michael Jackson's last photo shoots -- he takes a fall ... and it's funny. That's right, it's funny.
(14:00) Bruce Jenner did not have plastic surgery ... he had surgery for skin cancer.
(18:00) Bootsy Collins and Eric Roberts join us to explain their new charity ... and why they need a bus to get it off the ground.
(24:00) Charlie Sheen is outraged over a story that Zac Efron was partying with him. Plus ... Zac's terrible choice for a vacay.
(27:00) Michael Lohan joins us to rip Dina a new one for letting her house go into foreclosure.
(32:00) NFL is waging a secret war against M.I.A. for flipping the bird at the Super Bowl ... but she's not laying down.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell -- selling his modest (by his album sales tally) home in LA.

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Excuse me, but those kids outed themselves on Facebook, posting pictures and mentioning the man's name that owns the house. This man needs to sue kids and then have them all arrested for breaking and entering.

368 days ago


Doesn't that many people destroying someone's home fall under gang-related terrorism?

368 days ago


Skroo those little punks and their parents! When he asked for help cleaning his place up, only one kid and parent showed up. MAKE 'EM PAY.

On the flip side, in an interview, this POS ex jock bragged how, in past parties he threw at his place, he offhandedly said that when the teens got too frisky on his couch, he'd just "throw a cup of water on them".

368 days ago


THOSE PARENTS ARE ONLY GOING 2 SCREW THEMSELVES . Because all the evidence will come out on what those awful kids did & they will have 2 pay 4 all the damages + court costs etc . & hopeful they all get charged etc etc .
I can't watch tmz live anymore 4 some strange reason It never streams properly + always stops & cuts out :(

368 days ago


Never thought I would say this, but I would rather hear Mikey's voice than that blonde girl. She has such an annoying voice....can you not hear it....

368 days ago


My kids would have had their asses there to clean the mess. Parents today really suck!

368 days ago


Absurd is an understatement. These parent's are enablers. Any, reasonable judge will throw out this ludicrous claim.

368 days ago


The chick with the french braid is a hater she always sound jealous........

368 days ago


So dumb. Brittany should be able to invest in whatever. It's like saying if you invest in Microsoft you can't use Apple.

368 days ago


I don't think this guy should have outed these kids. I think that law enforcement should be involved in this. Outing these kids on a social media site is just a juvenile.

368 days ago


Carley is right...

368 days ago


These parents today are losers. My kid would have had their asses there to clean the mess up and apologize! Idiot parents and then we wonder why the kids are ignorant little punks today!

368 days ago

Wow ...    

I just tuned in, only to have Milo talking about what a bad parent Dina is. Pot meet kettle. Go away, you are NOT helping your children by discussing this nonsense in public.

368 days ago

Wow ...    

Seriously Milo you never made money off from your daughter.? Liar, wish your pants would catch on fire.

368 days ago


the suit will hopefully be thrown out by the judge. These parents are idiots.

368 days ago
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