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Britney Spears

Stock Portfolio

Of a 10-Year-Old

9/21/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' stock portfolio reads like a little kid's wishlist -- fast food, tractors, and Coca-Cola ... but one stock she didn't buy ... sticks out like a sore thumb.

 A sore thumb connected to a hand that's holding a Pepsi can.



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KATY PERRY Makes $6O MILLION a YEAR From Her TOUR, LADY GAGA $90 MILLION, TAYLOR SWIFT $6O MILLION, BEYONCE $5O MILLION Just From PEPSI...............And BRITNEY SPEARS Has SOLD MORE Records Than PERRY, GAGA, SWIFT and BEYONCE Combined, BRITNEY SPEARS is a GRAMMY WINNER, a WORLD MUSIC AWARDS WINNER, Sold 200 MILLION Records and Has 33 MILLION Followers On TWITTER and For BRITNEY To Be Paid Only $8 MILLION From PEPSI is Offensive and Now For BRITNEY To Get a Contract To Slave Herself For 2 YEARS For Only $30 MILLION indicates To Me That BRITNEY SPEARS Needs To FIRE Her Negotiating Team IF i Were On HER TEAM i Would've Gotten BRITNEY at Least $5O MILLION For The 2 YEARS.....

368 days ago


And TMZ exactly what difference does that make? Your site keeps getting worse and worse with stories designed just to stir things up. Your site is getting such dark undertones attempting to stir up controversy and hate. You can tell it is being headed by a person with low moral standards.

368 days ago


Why cant TMZ make a video that doesn't make me feel like a fool for watching it ? Bouncing cameras, stupid voice overs, wasting time showing harvey drinking and making faces, who is the target audience for this ? Is ADHD so bad in this country that this is the only way you can keep their attention ?

368 days ago


Britney never exceeded the age of 10 mentally, personally, her voice is that of a 8 year old and never changed since the Disney times....

368 days ago


Coke is a much better investment than Pepsi. Pepsi will always be a distant second in the market.

368 days ago


I bet the hipster dude on TMZ doesn't have a portfolio. He is a self important douche.

368 days ago


I think you are bring a bit mean spirited as far as Britney goes, give it a rest

368 days ago

Mary Anne Huff    

Give me a break. The gal didn't buy any of those stocks...her money manager did. She is under a conservership and has been for years. Cut the gal some slack.

368 days ago


in What World is it OK For BEYONCE To Get Paid $50 MILLION a Year From PEPSI But BRITNEY SPEARS Can Only Get Paid $8 MILLION From PEPSI, in BIZARRO WORLD Maybe LOL........BRITNEY SPEARS Can Wipe Her Butt With The Amount Of Records That BEYONCE Have Sold, Like i Said Before BRITNEY SPEARS is HUGE and Needs a Better Team Making Deals For Her...

367 days ago


Not sure why TMZ is surprised ... It was well known, even at the time Britney had the deal with Pepsi, that she really liked Coke. On several occasions she got in trouble for drinking Coke and having coke in her dressing rooms when she had the deal with Pepsi. Pepsi was only a paycheck, not her preferred drink of choice.

367 days ago

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