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Kim and Kanye

First Night Out

Kanye Wins

9/21/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went back to Mecca last night -- Bev Hills -- for their first real night out on the town since North West jacked their lives!

They had dinner with Tyga and Blac Chyna at Hakkasan.  Kim looks good and they seemed in a decent mood.

Here's what interesting .... the photogs -- including ours -- didn't ask one damn question.  How 'bout, "How's the baby?"  Something ... but we got nothing.

There's another way of looking at it, though.  Maybe Kanye actually won, and he's intimidated the photogs into silence.

All it took was one little criminal prosecution ... maybe it was worth it.


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Nobody cares about these two anymore. It is time for this whole family to go away. The baby didn't hijack their lives. They have a staff of nannies, maids, assistants etc...

406 days ago


Look at his puss!
What a nasty face!
She is starting to look like him now!
Bet that baby's face is bat ugly too!

406 days ago

psycho nurse    

More breaking news...I did laundry this morning lol

406 days ago


Nobody likes either one of these two egocentric idiots. Is there even really a baby, where is she?

406 days ago


I hope Kim gets pregnant again right away. Although it'd be sad for the poor little baby who gets stuck with these nitwits for parents, the world was a much nicer place when Kim was hiding at home with the baby and we didn't have to have TMZ ramming a daily dose of her shopping, going for dinner, walking, talking, etc. down our throats.

406 days ago



406 days ago


Oh Woopy do they went out. So did thousands of other people. It was so nice not seeing them. (as much) Guess they going to be shoved down our throats. Again.

406 days ago


we care about these two azzholes because why?

406 days ago


Aren't they a picture of bliss? She's got the "I got him for 18 years look" and he's got the "how did I get here?" puss.

406 days ago


Those photo hounds are the worst!!!

406 days ago


Kanye has the same stunned look that Chris Humphries always had. Looks like the Kardashian curse is in full effect...Any day now, Kanye he ought to be doing something really stupid to ruin any future career he hoped to have. Haven't all the 'men of Kardashia" all fallen to a tragic end? Has there been a survivor yet?

406 days ago


So two irrelavent rappers, a stripper & a porn star go out on a date... NEWSFLASH... No one is checkin for Kim Kardashians ass anymore. Is this why they started then sudenly stopped smearing Lamar... So they could distract us while this slut made her move back into the spotlight? Kanye and Kim will NEVER be anything more than a joke to the industry as well as the public... Period!!!

406 days ago


So much for getting her figure back in 2 months like here Bestie said. Every other TMZ never got SHAMU FAT and were back in regular clothes in no time. Lardo is still wearing a tent.

406 days ago


This video still (pic) is BIZARRE!! You've got to expect Kanye's perpetual "poopy face," but every time I see pics of Kim since she's been permitted to leave the boundarieis of Kris Jenner's Wh*re House, she looks more and more altered (a la surgically). In this pic she looks empty-headed (par for the course) and completely sedated. Maybe they're closet Scientologists now?

406 days ago


Who in the hell wants to hang out with Tyga and his gf??????? Or the other two losers for that matter? But really, I'd rather cook myself dinner and stay my ass at home.

406 days ago
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