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Mayor Cory Booker

Tweeting a Stripper

... It Ain't a Crime

9/27/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newark mayor Cory Booker is in the middle of a huge NON-scandal -- guilty of being a single man who sent a friendly tweet to hot stripper Lynsie Lee.

More importantly, Lynsie works at a VEGAN strip club! Health matters, people.


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Booker and the hooker

300 days ago


No, it's not a crime, but it sure is stupid for a guy who has political ambitions beyond being the mayor of Newark. Just because you like the guy and, for some reason, find her to be "smart" because she went college, doesn't mean he hasn't handed any future political opponent a boatload of ammo. It goes to judgement, and people do take that into account when considering a candidate for office.

299 days ago


WTF is a "vegan strip club"? Yanks, it's sh*t like THIS that has the rest of the world thinking you're a pack of weirdos. Really, WTF is a "vegan strip club"? This is normal in the US? This is something you all want your international reputation to rely on?

Really, if you were us- and you had to read about the US having "Vegan Strip Clubs" - what would YOU think? "Hey, I'm a skank, but I don't eat eggs". Wow, deep, sexy!

299 days ago


The Ryan Seacrest of politicians.

299 days ago


Why can't a politician just BEHAVE? Especially when running for a national office. Sheesh.

299 days ago

paul a.    

Refreshing to see a hetero politician! Tweet on Bro!

299 days ago


Newark is a hell hole, and while it is the murder capital of the US - The Mayor is doing nothing, because he is too busy texting strippers. Mr. Booker is Obama 2.0, we don't need another Obama.

299 days ago


WHY would Booker's people be bending over backwards to keep this IN the news?
Maybe they're trying to hide something.....

299 days ago


It is the state of politicians in today's environment. Voters will cheerfully pull the lever for Booker and he will gladly take office and F**k off for 6 years at the expense of hard working taxpayers! Oh and he will get 99.9% of the 47% that do not pay taxes because they don't give a s**t as long as their free money stream does not dry up.

299 days ago


If he was married it wouldn't be a crime either, but we'd treat it like one.

299 days ago


not a crime; but I either left a commen/question t on his fbook page or twitter; I never got a response...guess cuz I ain't a stripper...

299 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Mr Mayor, you're a single man so that's correct, there is no scandal. The only thing is, your lack of good judgment is showing. You could carry on with 20 women with no problem, but this particular woman is paid for being sexually suggestive, which means she probably saw you coming a mile away. Sorry, but you should have seen this ome coming.

299 days ago


Ok , I dont see a problem with a single guy tweeting this stripper or whatever, however , the problem i have is that he is forgetting about Newark period , so how many have been killed in Newark , that i Know of about 10 in 10 days , Mayor Booker please take care of the city that gave you support when you needed to , dont forget about them , whatever you do on your spare time is none of our business , our children an neighborhood needs you , we need to be safe again too many crimes happening in such short time, the community needs you more than ever , put order in the City that believes you !!! Please than you can go back to doing your own thing ... Regards ....Newark Community!!

299 days ago


This chick has already been,nothing but a skid turd mark memory in the back of a drawers. That has been washed,and bleached down the forgotten memory hole.

299 days ago

Catherine Turley    

cory booker can do no wrong. the man is golden.

299 days ago
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