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Jesse Ventura

If The Govt. Isn't Working


10/2/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Ventura has a message for the U.S. government -- YOU DON'T WORK, WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY TAXES!!

The former governor and fake wrestler is still fuming over the shut down ... telling TMZ both the Republicans AND the Democrats are the bad guys -- and they should all be thrown out of office!!!

But JV doesn't just want people to get mad, he wants them to get even -- saying, "For every day the government is shut down, it should be that we don't have to pay income tax that day because they're not working."

He added, "They should all be voted out of their office for not doing their jobs ... and vote in everybody BUT Democrats or Republicans because this is what you end up with."


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Jesse, you are 100% RIGHT and I side with you, as do so many other Americans!! We're DONE!!!!! with them ALL

352 days ago


ahem to that... all these government jack offs are still being paid for doing nothing at all. They are probably playing golf right now. Whats really messed up is that Obamacare is nothing but a sneaky way to pay off the deficit. Its not even healthcare. Its nothing but taking money away from the people who can't afford health insurance to begin with.

352 days ago

Mister Obvious    

wonder if he will get his government pension check this month? cuz as a government agent for life, he gets a check and benefits for life - people oftn for get this matter of who they get they info from and follow as authority as agent

352 days ago


The man has a point. Of course they never work but now it's official. I want my $$ back.

352 days ago


It doesn't matter. Come January we all become slaves to the insurance companies. You will pay your monthly insurance premium or you will incur penalties and the IRS is authorized to use the full weight of their self-created law enforcement powers to to get it. Remember when Obama said that there would be no tax penalties? He lied.

352 days ago


What's really funny now is once upon a time all we had to worry about was some guy getting blow jobs at lunch time.

352 days ago


He looks like a CRAAAAZY guy.

352 days ago


Jesse is a very wise and courageous man, with a lot of common sense. It's easy to assume he's crazy because of the Minnesota accent and long donut ring. But - he knows a lot about gov't corruption, secret ops and CIA disasters that have taken place. He's hip to the game and exposes it, which pisses off certain branches of gov't like homeland security and the CIA.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were trying to off him.

352 days ago


do they really work the rest of the time?

352 days ago


Even when the government is working --- most of them are "on vacation". Spending big bucks of expensive lunches/dinners; travelling to exotic locations with their families for so-called business meetings; getting kick-backs, etc.. Remove most of them from office - and replace with decent human beings who love America.

352 days ago

Linda Hutchinson    

Oh this from a Putz who is suing a dead Navy Seal's wife**********Yeah am gonna listen to this jack ass

352 days ago

Linda Hutchinson    

Oh this from a Putz who is suing a dead Navy Seal's wife**********Yeah am gonna listen to this jack ass

352 days ago

marvin nubwaxer    

if it comes out of this entertainer's loud mouth it's most likely pure huckster BS.

352 days ago

the truth    

well we need to add term limits on congress and the senate 8years in the congress or senate and thats it!!...why are they still getting paid to do NOTHING but make our once great worse...the lobbiest runs this country now....not we the people...dont matter democrat or republican..they all play fo the sme damn team

352 days ago

Carl Fredricksen    

Ƒưƈǩ you, Kelly Berning, you hateful ƇųɴƮ!!!
Ann Romney rocks!!!

352 days ago
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