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Melanie Griffith to Govt.


(Except Obama)

10/4/2013 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100413_melanie_griffith_launchMelanie Griffith says she knows how to fix all of the problems in Washington ... FIRE ALL THE POLITICIANS ... except for Obama ... she thinks he's cool.

Griffith and her fancy black Bentley pulled up to Judy's Deli in L.A. yesterday -- so , naturally, we started talking politics ... and Mel didn't hold back.

"[The politicians] should all be fired, that’s what I think" ... adding, "You know we could all fire ALL of them."

But moments later, as she was pulling away, the actress had a slight change of heart ... rolling down her window to explain why she wants to pardon the Commander in Chief.

Check out the clip -- you buyin' what Mel's sellin'?


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What a stupid Hollywood wierdoo....What is wrong with her face? Her extreme political thinking is so wrong. Glad she doesn't make movie anymore because it would mean one more Hollywood lib I'd have to boycott with my bucks.

346 days ago


Poor girl, she looks like the Joker.

346 days ago


Include Obama. He is a total dick

346 days ago

Tommy G    

Selling! Another ignorant celebrity with no concept of the three branches of government. This starts and ends with the president. Obama continually campaigned on being a centrist, but he is arguably the most one-sided president in the history of our country. I am sorry, but if he, his family, members of Congress, and selected corporations can waiver out of obamacare then why can't I? Why should I be obligated to buy something that the heads of our government can't explain? Oh that's right, I did not contribute millions of dollars to his campaign. He is a weak leader.

346 days ago

Lesley Sackville    

Just another moron liberal who knows nothing. You and Van must not have been paying attention when it was revealed that Obummer and his family are not going to be covered by Obummer care...gee I wonder why...guess it sux. Can't wait to get that ass out of the White House. Sadly because of him this country is circling the drain...hopefully once we get all the pathetic libs out who think its ok to trash the Constitution we can start to get the country back. Oh and by the way Van you should ask Harvey about those idiots Mr & Mrs Obummer...ESQ. You know why they let their licenses expire and why they have no plans to ever practice law again??? Do you? Because they both would be disbarred the minute they tried. That's who you think represents truth. Sad. Pay attention next time you vote Van.

346 days ago


Where's Wayland Flowers?

346 days ago

Ammon all should be fired...except Obama, the WHOLE REASON FOR THIS WHOLE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!!

346 days ago


This from the druggie!

346 days ago


osama i mean obama should be the first one fired

346 days ago


The buck stops at the top....just sayin'

346 days ago


Typical idiot "star". They should ALL be fired INCLUDING Obama. Democrats AND Republicans alike. NONE Of them are doing the job that they were hired to do. 800K people and goats on furlough without pay. Yet THEY still get paid. Yes, I said goats. DOZENS of ivy eating goats in Sandy Hook NJ were also put on furlough. How can they feed their kids??? What I would REALLY like to know, how much does our govmint PAY those goats to eat ivy? RIDICULOUS.

346 days ago


I caught an interview with Raquel Welch on TV yesterday. She's in her 70s, so obviously she has had facework but man does she look good. A friend of mine who works for a reconstructive plastic surgeon said she probably had her work done on Europe because they just don't do the "natural" thing in America. Melanie Griffith must go to a surgeon who was laughing at her throughout the entire surgery. Her face is messed up.

346 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Who looks more natural, biden or grifith?

346 days ago


Thank you TMZ for showing how all these so called Hollywood "celebrities" are just a bunch of hypocritical crack heads who cannot see passed their (surgically implanted) plastic noses.

346 days ago


I'm 28 years old, I can bearly paid the rent, what I have left I use to go out, go on vacation, by food
go on dates (chicks cost a lot) Obama is the one that should be booted out & the stupid Democrats.
Melanie did you sign up for Obamacare....No ??
then F...U Melanie and Obama

346 days ago
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