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Parents Are Overreacting ...

EDM Shows Are Safe

10/20/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the multitude of drug-related deaths, one of the biggest DJs in America firmly believes EDM (electronic dance music) shows are safe for kids ... and he's using himself as a shining example.

Kaskade was out in Hollywood yesterday when we asked what he thought of parents being concerned about the EDM scene -- specifically live performances, given the rampant use of Molly and other drugs -- and he didn't appear concerned at all.

The 42-year-old shrugged, telling us, "I turned out alright."

So we gotta ask ...


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What is EDM? Electronic dance music? If so, that is not safe for anyones ears

331 days ago


Give me a break. EDM is the trend right now. Just as was hip hop a few years ago. Just as pop was before that. Just as Rock was before that. It's a music genre not a satanic cult. If your kid chooses to do Molly or E during one of the shows then that's on your kid. When I went to concerts and clubs, people were doing drugs all around me and it didn't phase me. You can't blame DRUGS on music. There we go again, blaming other people and other things for our children's mistakes. Let's continue to not assign responsibility. A**hats.

331 days ago


Kids that do drugs are going to do them wherever they are.EDM shows are just one of their favorite places to do them.

331 days ago

Phaedra McEachren    

Kascade is one of the few sober Dj's out there.

331 days ago


I am so tired of people bashing on EDM. If it's not one thing it's another. "It all sounds the same" "everyone is on drugs". That is definitely untrue. A LOT of people who go to these shows are on drugs but not EVERYONE. I'm 20 years old and have been drug and alcohol free from every event I've been to. All those drug-related deaths? People who KNOWINGLY ingested DANGEROUSLY HIGH amounts of drugs. These were not "tragic accidents". Tragic, yes. But it was their own fault. Am I saying it's okay to take drugs in low doses? Not at all. But if you're gonna take super high amounts obviously something is gonna happen to you. Personally I think these events should be at least 16+. All of us who enjoy EDM were 16 once and we need to remember that. As for parents... They don't need to be concerned about edm. They need to be concerned about whether or not they raised an idiot. Be smart. EDM is more than music that "all sounds the same". The lyrics (when substantial) are so powerful and the beats just do something to your soul. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don't knock something until you try it. Bottom line is, the music doesn't make kids do drugs. Kids and adults make themselves do them because they or their friends WANT to. Understand this, world. Thank you,

331 days ago


A 42 yr old DJ? Aren't the only people into this crap music teenagers? And quit saying DJ's are famous. Their not

331 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

in my 20s i was both a dj and party promoter, and i can tell you he's wearing blinders. there always has been an abundance of extereme drug users in the scene, but those are the kids that are going to be getting high no matter where they are, at a party, a rave or just hanging with friends.

on the other hand he is right about one thing, there are always just as many there that are there just for the show and for the music.

if parents worried more about what their kids did at home or at school, we wouldnt have to worry what they do when they go out with their friends.

331 days ago


I'm sure he thinks they are safe because he doesn't think MDMA is dangerous.

331 days ago


Parents need to wake up and PARENT. If their kids are using drugs at a EDM shows I guarantee they do them when they're NOT at EDM shows. Parents always want to put the blame on someone else when their kid OD's instead of taking responsibility that they were not paying attention and PARENTING.

331 days ago

Leo S Delati    

I dont think the word "multitude" means what you think it means...more people have died at sporting events this year that at festivals...

331 days ago


I was a club kid, rave style. 43 and I turned out ok too. I am jealous! I WANNA GO!

331 days ago


I went to high school with Ryan Raddon AKA"Kaskade" and he is a devout mormon. He has never touched drug or drink. I'd say 75% of the EDM crowd does drugs so to compare himself to his fans is faulty logic. Cool dude though.

331 days ago

Sandra M    

I'm a 30 year old parent of 2 lil kids, I LOVE KASKADE! Instead of judging and talking smack, you should fact check yourself. Kaskade is wonderful music creator, with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful girls. He is also Mormon and has never had any alcohol or drugs in his life Yeah, pretty effin cool, isnt he? If you would only open your mind, heart, soul, ear and let the music speak, you would understand what Kaskade and EDM is about! Until then, if you have nothing nice to say, shut the eff up =D <3

331 days ago


in other news, i just took a dump...

331 days ago


I'm 21 years old I currently run the Detroit EDM scene. I promote,Dj and bring in big EDM artist such as Skism and kaskade. It is true that there is drugs at shows but not all use them. You cannot blame the genre of music for the people who use drugs. Many reports show that many people die from drug use in every genre of music. I know for a fact that the people that do drugs at the shows did them before starting to get into edm. All of our festivals are strict about drug use. Before going into any of them you get a full body search. Smaller shows are not as strict though but for every 20 people at a small show only 1 of them are on a drug. We go there to enjoy the music and the amazing, kind,loving,and caring people that go to these shows. Most of the deaths are mdma but they had katamine in them. Edm brings people together. Kaskade does now what he is talking about.

293 days ago

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