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Lamar Odom

to 7-Year-Old Kid

Don't Do Drugs

10/22/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do as he says, not as he does -- at least that was Lamar Odom's advice to a 7-year-old boy Saturday night ... when he warned him about the dangers of drug abuse.

Odom was at a birthday party at Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood -- along with about 20 people -- when the young boy named Elijah approached Odom to ask for a photo.

Elijah's mother tells us, Odom initially turned the kid down, offering to shake Elijah's hand instead and have a brief conversation ... which they did.

The mom says Lamar pontificated about the merits of education and staying in school -- and even encouraged Elijah (who is tall for his age) to play basketball -- but the ironic twist, Lamar finished the conversation by telling him, "Don't do drugs."

He then offered to take the above photo, despite previously refusing.

And this is cool -- sources in the restaurant say Lamar covered the tab for the birthday party (totaling more than $1,000) and left a $200 tip.


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Just lay off of this guy now. Next thing I suppose you'll be describing in detail the consistency of his turds.

306 days ago


Lamar covered the tab for the birthday party (totaling more than $1,000) and left a $200 tip...............I AM GLAD REPUBLICLOWN$ IN CONGRE$$ DID NOT TAKE AWAY LAMER'S FOODSTAMPS AND HE WAS ABLE TO PAY FOR THE PARTY'S FOOD

306 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Wow even kinda giving him crap for being nice to a kid. You must be being paid a lot by Kris to be suck a d**k to Lamar all the time. Whats wrong with him telling the kid don't do drugs? isn't that a good message? What the fcuks your guys problem? seriously? What you expect him to go into a whole thing on crack? That's what you guys do. He's trying to give that kid a positive out look.
But yet you suck right up to Wookie the coke whore. What pieces of s**t you guys are.

306 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I truly hope Lamar gets a brutal lawyer and sues you guys and crushes you destroying your crummy business over all the garbage you talk about him. You rip people like him to shreds while you support the absolute crappiest people on earth. you have photos of other celebs breaking laws and doing crappy things and you blow it off and make excuses for them. lamar does nothing bad in public and you fry him daily. You guys are fcuked up

306 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

But yet you idolize Kimmode a wh0re that puts her legs in the air for money. Ever wonder the affect of you guys idolizing a wh0re that ****s on tape for money does to little girls watching you show? No of course not. You only care about dead and tortured children that you can make money off of by selling stories on their bodies.
Stay Classy TMZ

306 days ago


Do as I say not as I do.

306 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I am so sick of hearing about Lamar! OD already!

306 days ago


Lamar also told the kid that even if you don't do drugs, tmz will report on a daily basis that you do.

306 days ago


You act like the $200 tip was so fabulous. If his bill was over $1000, that wasn't even a 20% tip. Whoop de freakin doo.

306 days ago


I am so glad to see I am not the only person tired of you crucifying this man.

306 days ago


Come on TMZ... He was a raging crack head two weeks ago before the KarTrashIans season opener and now he's speaking to kids. Kris really screwed that storyline up.

306 days ago


FFS, give him a break. The man screwed up and it looks like he's working on recovering. The horse is dead... stop beating it. I, personally, wish him the best. Regardless of all of the other stuff going on in his life, I really do hope he can kick his habit and get better.

306 days ago


Hes really a good down to earth person that helps alot of people an loves his kids . Lamar bottom line just married the wrong person an into the wrong family

306 days ago


Immediately after he made that comment (if he really did) in the very next breath he said ... "and whatever you do never, ever become involved with anything Kardashian. EVER. "

306 days ago

Shai Anderson    

He has to say this. Imagine if them poor little kids become crackheads then there will be shortage of crack for poor Lamar Odom. "Don't do drugs, cause I got this" - Lamar Odom

306 days ago
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