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Jon Cryer's Ex

Our Kid Needs Big Cash for Bar Mitzvahs

10/25/2013 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Jon Cryer's ex-wife is demanding $88,000/month so their kid can keep up with the fancy lifestyles of the other kids at his school. Considering Jon makes millions every month -- is that fair?

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West scream "we want prenups" -- but the real shocker ... is how's worth the most.

And, Pauly D's baby mama Amanda Markert joins us to voice her side of the story -- and defends herself against claims she's just a golddigger.



(0:00) Jon Cryer ex-wife wants more child support because their son looks poor compared to mega-millionaires at his school.
(6:00) Kim Kardashian is worth more than Kanye West? You better believe it.
(10:00) Pauly D's baby mama joins us to dispel rumors about her, assure us she's not a golddigger, and explain how this all happened.
(18:00) After alleged racial profiling at Barneys New York, Derick Bowers created a petition to ask Jay Z to cut ties with company ... he joins us to explain why.
(24:00) Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are divorcing ... did we mention how beautiful they are? Because everyone else can't shut up about it.
(29:00) Kyle Richards is gonna be sexy on Halloween -- but are moms not allowed to do that anymore?
(32:00) The man behind "Chinese Food" and "Friday" joins us to break down how he creates mega hits that are so bad, they're good.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Lady Gaga ... has her crazy ways jumped the shark?

No Avatar

Flying Blind    

sup gang (that won't be here), passing through to another video game.
mike's fat, harvey's (well you know), where's max and charles can't sing.

330 days ago


this woman sounds really disgusting. She needs to get herself a jobby job. using your kid as a way to get tons of cash makes you sound like Brook, Charlie's ex. Not to mention it makes you look pathetic and desperate. Sick woman.

330 days ago

Toidy Toid    

TMZ Live in full screen seems to be running slow than in window mode today for some reason.

330 days ago


What a waste of money. No kid should need that kind of money every month.

330 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

BREAKING NEWS: Fat Mike's not the baby daddy of the kid his wife had

330 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Any marriage breakdown is sad. It has nothing to do with looks - they were under the radar and for all we knew happy. Bruce and Kris no surprise dysfunctional for ages. Miley is doing what a;; the young girls have done just like Madonna and Christina and Britney etc - the discover their sexuality and get very graphic for a period of years and then things settle down again.

330 days ago


Where is MAX???????

327 days ago


On the "blackface" thing... was it racist when eddie murphy mocked white people when he dressed up like a white person in "Coming To America" SMH i guess its only racism if its against black folks..

327 days ago


Time to sent the 5th grade writer back to the 4th....just sayin...
"Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West scream "we want prenups" -- but the real shocker ... is how's worth the most. "
Shouldn't that be...WHO'S worth the most?

327 days ago

Fran actually supported and help aferican americans on broadway

He enjoyed performing in blackface makeup, a theatrical convention since the mid 19th century. With his unique and dynamic style of singing black music, such as jazz and blues, he was later credited with single-handedly introducing African-American music to white audiences.[1] As early as 1911 he became known for fighting against anti-black discrimination on Broadway.

327 days ago


No your kid needs a kick in the azz like any other kid. Those are free.

327 days ago


Where's the surfer dude at up front??? Find a new job???

327 days ago


What a shame sheis so money hungry. She just wants to get back at him. No child/nor mom needs that kind of money for one month.

327 days ago

Flying Blind    

I see they finally took down that disgusting picture of the KK man clone. That was just gross to everybody probably including gays.

327 days ago

Flying Blind    

Hold on, the picture above is the same clothes Harvey and Charles wore today (Monday).
I lasted about 15 minutes then I was out.

327 days ago
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