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Kanye, Kim & Baby

Big Ass

Happy Family

11/7/2013 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bootyful day for a stroll in Santa Barbara today -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ventured out this morning for a walk with baby daughter North West, and even though the sun was shining ... it was a full moon.

Nice break from L.A. court, where Kanye's lawyer Blair Berk pled not guilty on the rapper's behalf just a few hours ago in the photog-beating case.

For Kim, Kanye, and North West -- life is just a walk in the park.



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what "kim-hatred" on here. wow hateful humans, while your there hating on her, she is busy enjoying fame.

317 days ago


That is plain disgusting. Sorry, that butt, how does she wipe herself?

317 days ago


She does not look happy at all! She also looks like a roll of quarters in that outfit. I guess the middle finger to the world was a little premature.

317 days ago


TMZ, once again stop grossing us out with these pigs. That poor baby.

317 days ago


after looking at that back shot, I bet money Kris Humpreys aint living with not one regret. Is it true Ray J want to get the baby tested to see if it's his or is that just a rumor going around.

317 days ago



317 days ago


She's pretty hot

317 days ago


you people are sick wow attacking a new mom like that and the baby is beautiful what are you all jealous

317 days ago


He looks happy (got me a white girl), she does not seem happy within~

317 days ago


Thank God, I have a normal life! Can't imagine cameras in my face every time I walk outside my door. What's the use of having a lot of money when your freedom is revoked? Freedom is Priceless!

317 days ago


I've wondered about that too. Since she got pregnant, I don't think I've seen her smile once. She looks like the most miserable, unhappy woman on earth. Maybe it's post-partum depression, who knows...maybe life with her "great friend turned soulmate" isn't as rosy as she had hoped. She was in such an all-fired hurry to get divorced from Kris Humphries, and was really flaunting her "wonderful" new relationship with Kanye West.

Fast forward a year or so and she looks like the most miserable person on the planet. I can't imagine putting up with that arrogant, narcissistic nutcase she's stuck with him in some way or another for the next 18+ years. He offends pretty much the entire planet with his rude arrogance, imagine living with him and having him control EVERYTHING. She looks profoundly depressed. I wonder if she ever thinks how much less horrible Humphries was compared to West. This is a perfect example of "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"...

I am surprised they were actually seen with that baby. I've found it odd that two mega attention who**s are so secretive about it. The two pictures they did show look completely fake, like the composites of how someone would look with certain parents, or those re-creations of what a person would look like with just a skull to go's just been this head with the body all covered up, hidden or wrapped up like a burrito. And the kid was supposedly premature by quite a bit of time, yet the first pic showed a pretty chubby, large baby for its age...and she's a lot lighter in the above photos than in the ones before. I don't know much about babies but wouldn't it darken instead of lighten? I don't know but something just ain't right about the pictures of her.

Final thought...instead of flaunting their bazillion dollars, $35,000 diaper bags, etc...they should stop being so disgusting and instead do some things to HELP the less fortunate in some way. Maybe if they did that, not as many people would be disgusted and despise them as they do now!

317 days ago


All that dark meat she took in has finally settled in on her ugly big ass body.

317 days ago


omg her a$$$ looks nasty in those leggings. and she looks unhappy - she looks MISERABLE, actually. they both look so WRONG - their baby dont even look like nothin' special. SMH @ those two, it's looking more & more like they MADE A BIG MISTAKE with each other

317 days ago

mercedes vettese    

Oh my goodness ...She has a way to go ..

317 days ago


she just looks like all KINDSA things .... EXCEPT happy
and just think - on top of "all of the above",
they named their baby "NORTH WEST"
that was probably kanye's big bright idea,
and she went along with it to please him, and following behind HIS dumb a$$$$
i bet she regrets naming her baby NORTH WEST.
and i bet she's even EMBARRASSED about that sh--t
i wouldnt be surprised if she CHANGED that baby's name in the coming years ..... bcz that NAME is a f--king MESS - that sh--t is just WRONG to name a baby NORTH WEST like booking FLIGHTS or some sh--t smh

317 days ago
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