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Alec Baldwin

Sobs On Witness Stand

In Stalker Case

11/12/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Alec Baldwin
broke down on the stand this morning -- facing his alleged stalker and crying on the stand in an explosive series of exchanges over the nature of their relationship.

Genevieve Sabourin is on trial for stalking and harassment.  She has incessantly tweeted and emailed Alec, shown up at his home and harassed his wife.  Sabourin claims she met Baldwin in 2002, had dinner in 2010 and she claims they slept together -- Baldwin denies anything sexual ever occurred.

Although tears flowed during Baldwin's testimony, some spectators in the courtroom felt it was not authentic.  Nonetheless, Baldwin painted a picture of a woman who imposed her obsession on him and his wife, making their lives miserable.

Sabourin repeatedly shouted at Baldwin as he testified, challenging him.  When Baldwin said he never had sex with her, she fired back, "REALLY?!??!"

She also loudly accused Baldwin of having a "lying disease," as he walked through the tale of alleged harassment.

On his way out, Baldwin was in typical form, telling reporters, "I hope you choke to death."

The trial is continuing.



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Ruby Testarossa    

The only thing that stops these stalkers is to put them in jail. It's the only way to give the victims any peace.
In Canada we have a ruling called "dangerous offender". It is not used very often, but it is used when the court is convinced that the person will re-offend when they are released from jail. Put this nutbar in jail and if she approaches him again when she gets out, put her in permanently.

348 days ago


If you know more about the case then you'll know that it was not as neat as Alec says and in fact, they were having a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Alec making promises he never meant to keep. In her defense, Alec IS volatile and DOES say things that he later recants (how many times has he done that...a LOT we all know) so though I do think she's a weirdo, I also think he should have exercised more restraint when it comes to bedding women (no pun intended). Good luck, Alec.

348 days ago


Team Alex.

Girl said this to me once:

"We have unfinished business/need closure."

She wanted, asked-for... everything but.

348 days ago


There's never a shortage of people -

In this case women.

Willing to REMIND us ...

What SLOBS we once were...

-Like we forgot.

348 days ago


Chick's finally getting what she wants.

Chance to humiliate Alex.

In open court.

"Then he, uh, took down his fly and um..."

At this point she'll say anything -

348 days ago


A-List Celebs should be able to murder people.

Given all those coming out of the woodwork.

And to make TROUBLE for them.

There's a line that goes around eleven NYC blocks.

i.e. People intent on hassling Alex.

You get your turn - take your best shot -

Then go to the back of the line -

348 days ago


Alec doesn't know the first guy rule: you don't stick your richard in crazy.

348 days ago


what a PSYCHO! Hey weirdo its called He doesnt want you!

348 days ago


Only "dinner" indeed. U Dog Alec. U eat w/ the sharks u gonna get bit.
Bet Kim is having a good laugh bout this case.

348 days ago

Loretta Love    

one good psycho deserves another....?

348 days ago


Looks like Alecs people are roaming the comments section to make sure public opinion is on his side. Problem is, Shes not as crazy as they're painting her to be. Intimate emails out of context and read in succession without a time frame can and will sound crazy and/or strange. Just wait for the details before automatically taking the "prince" side.

348 days ago


If he had sex with her and lead her on then he is not so innocent as he claims and should have to pay some consequence. It sounds to me like the typical man/woman thing. A relationship gone bad where he met someone better, (his wife) and then didn't want anything to do with this woman again. She's actually just as good looking as his wife.

348 days ago


Alec has always been known as a really friendly person within the community and has always tried to help out those in the industry. But as with every celeb, you really have to be careful who you're befriending and trying to help out. Because you could run into someone like THIS. Scary.

348 days ago


i'm from montreal and this crazy bitch needs to be locked up for good she's the new version of fatal atraction

348 days ago


Alec Kardashian, anything for attention.

348 days ago
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