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NFL Star Michael Bennett

Shamefully Abandons Boxer Pup

11/16/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Seattle Seahawks star Michael Bennett might be the worst NFL puppy owner of all time (well, 2nd worst) ...  'cause he abandoned his 4-month-old boxer at a boarding facility earlier this year and then STIFFED the place on the bill, TMZ Sports has learned. 

The drama began back in March, when the former Tampa Bay Bucs defensive lineman signed with the Seahawks and decided to board his dog Koa at the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility in T.B. while he moved to his new city.

But Bennett never came back for little Koa ... and for 4 long, lonely months, the puppy waited in vain at the facility, racking up a $5,000 bill.  

We're told Lucky Dog made countless efforts to contact Bennett and his wife ... but they never got a response, and in August, Lucky Dog gave Koa to a boxer rescue organization in Florida. Koa was eventually placed in a new home with a family that actually gives a crap about him.

TMZ Sports spoke with Michael who told us, "I thought [the $5k bill] was already taken care of. I will call them after work.” He didn't comment on why he never went back for the dog.

According to Lucky Dog, Michael still has not settled the bill.

Billy Madison would not approve ...


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No Avatar


This guy is a total ass wipe. Karma will get him.

284 days ago


He left him in good hands. Its not like he put him in a garbage bag filled with rocks and threw him off a bridge. Dog has a new home, end of story

284 days ago



284 days ago



Sign the petition and make this guy pay!!!!!

284 days ago

jdizzla a    

What a jerk....wait this is about a dog?

284 days ago


Digging up old stuff again I see. Why don't you report some actual NEWS instead of smearing people? Is Perez Hilton running your site now?

284 days ago


Who does that?? Boxers are such loving dogs and all they want is to be with their family. I would have happily taken that dog home. That guy should be ashamed!

284 days ago


Thug life values ya'll - typical for those people.

284 days ago


Yes this was not very responsible but this no Vick situation. This guy didn't abuse, neglect, torture or kill his dog. He was moving to the opposite end of the country to a new home and a new job and he did what many traveling people have had to do.. he boarded his dog. Four months does seem like a long time and he should have been in better contact with the place but you people going off and demanded people sign petitions or go the Seahawks web page and demand this guy be fired are insane. The dog was cared for and now is in a good home. Had this guy dropped the dog off on the side of the road I could understand the outrage. But no dog was harmed here. Maybe the puppy was a gift, maybe it was the guys wife's... like I said they certainly should have been more on top communication wise. For all we know they told the facility to board the dog for an undetermined amount of time. Sounds like the bill was overlooked and facility made the decision to place the dog with a rescue. I think the crap Amanda Bines has done to her dog, and the Paris Hilton's and other celebs who seem to constantly lose their dogs only to find them dead in some part of their huge house are a hundred times worse than what this guy is being accused of.

284 days ago


I am sick to death of these "Sports figures" making way too much money and thinking they are so far above the law and everyone else. Every day you read about a player in the NFL/NBA either beating women, reneging on debts and being arrested. WTF has happened? Too damn much money !

284 days ago


Some people do not deserve the love of a dog. I can think of two real easily.

284 days ago


Do these people have kids? I hope their chosen daycare center is prepared for long term stays.

284 days ago


Omg! You people need to calm down, it's not like he abused the damn dog. At least he had the decency to place it in a shelter. Moving is very hectic and he probably forgot. He did say that he'd take care of the bill. " Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."' Oh and Btw people- Get a life.

284 days ago


get over it people atleast he took it to a shelter!!! so much better than some would do!!!!

284 days ago

Kenneth D. Frazier    

What a low life P.O.S. ... So glad that the dog is with a real family that loves it now ...

284 days ago
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