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Sure, Batkid's in Remission


11/19/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Make-a-Wish Foundation has a message for the cold-hearted jerks who complained Batkid didn't deserve his bat-wish because he's in remission -- HOW DARE YOU?!!

If you haven't heard, Make-A-Wish really outdid itself -- turning San Francisco into Gotham City for 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott, who wanted to be Batman for a day.

Miles has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old, but some (heinous) people on the Internet have had the audacity to say he didn't deserve his wish because he's currently in remission.

Make-A-Wish rep Josh deBerge says that's just wrong, telling us ... "We would never penalize a child for getting better."

According to the rep, when Miles was referred to the foundation he met all three eligibility requirements: 1) a life-threatening medical condition, 2) between 2-and-a-half and 18 years old, and 3) hadn't received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

And Josh says that's all that matters.

Suck it, haters.



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I don't anyone who could even think to be that heartless! Go BatKid! You earned it! You deserve it! You're my hero!

235 days ago


This baby deserved every moment of his wish this breaks my heart that anyone would even question this. Just because he is in remission does not mean he is out of the woods my 17 year old God Son layes in the childrens hospital as i write this with Leukemia he was in remission twice and now our sweet boy has just been given less than a week left with us... how dare anyine question a gift to a dear child who suffered so much and is being given a second chance ... thank you make a wish for all the beauty in your hearts.. today is November 19th please say a orayer for our Scott oerhaps there is a miricle out there fir him too.. gid bless you lil batkid thatnks for the smiles

235 days ago


There are too many morons in this country. Ignore them like I do. In remission or not. ANY kid deserves to have his wishes come true.

235 days ago


According to this survey, 3% got no heart.

235 days ago


I think many have also forgotten that the City of San Francisco also needed him to get his wish, So much GOOD attention to the people and the city of San Francisco did much to draw attention to beautiful people living there. You go, Bat-Kid, remission or not, you fought a hard battle, the true test of a hero.

235 days ago


I donate to ST.JUDES, monthly,maybe if some of you are able to send even a little,it will go along way to help those sick kid's and their parent's get thru this a little easier!

235 days ago


My son had lymphoblastic leukemia when he was 6. He got a wish to go to Disney World world. He WAS in remission when we went. This year he turned 13 in march. On August 22 we heard the words the CANCER IS BACK. What people do not know is a lot of the time it comes back. He is currently in the hospital getting that poison in his body again. We hope he comes home by thanksgiving.

235 days ago


If anyone would like you show support for my 13 year old son battling cancer for a second time he has a website

235 days ago

kitten roulaine    

He like every other child on " The -Make-A- Wish " list deserve their little wishes, I think the hub bub is because of the coverage, and with that I think it was a bit much.

235 days ago


Too much hype or not is not the issue. Thanks to all those people who donate to Make A Wish Foundation to make BatKid dreams come true. I hope others donate to this great cause and see what this organization can and is willing to do to make a child battling with cancer or in remission forget about their disease for just one day and be a kid, their happiness is priceless.

235 days ago

john flynn    

The kid deserves a break and by the way your Lawyer and the pot head are real A holes on this one.

235 days ago


Yeah Harvey, read it and weep.

235 days ago


This kid deserved his wish... To all the haters out there go F yourself.

235 days ago


It's wonderful he got his wish. he might be in remission today,but his next check-up the nightmare could return. people should stop and think what they would do it with their child before thecriticize something is wonderful as Make A- Wish

235 days ago


He deserves the wish anyway, just for being a kid and putting up with the nonsense of the "adult" world around him. Every kid deserves a wish come true. Why don't we all work on making it happen? Nawww, whatever. Right.

235 days ago
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