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Bill Maher

Catholics Demand Boycott

One Priest Joke Too Many

11/25/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1125_bill-maher_catholic_league_TMZ The leading Catholic rights group in America wants to organize their own hate campaign -- because they hate the anti-religious hatred they claim Bill Maher spews on his show ... and now it's calling for network execs to kill Bill's show for good. 

The Catholic League -- which has had issues with Maher for years -- now say "Real Time with Bill Maher" finally crossed the line after a recent guest went nuts bashing Catholicism.

The guest -- author Dan Savage -- was ragging against a bishop who claimed kids adopted by gay parents have a higher chance of suicide.  Savage's retort: "He's confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests." Dan referred to them as "kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests."

Savage's remarks incensed the org ... so they sent a list of every "anti-Catholic" statement ever mentioned on the show -- going as far back as '98 -- asking every bishop to write Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, urging him to give the show the ax.


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Even though I'm catholic, I always laugh at what Bill Maher says and usually agree with him on certain topics. I don't believe they should cancel his show. You can't stop with people have to say. Although I have nothing to say about Dan Savage.

277 days ago

Lynn Sweet    

Bill Maher was always an anti-Catholic A-Hole...and so is his guest.

277 days ago


They are boycotting the wrong person. What these so called catholics should do is boycott the church for harboring all these child molestors. I sent my kids through the catholic school system and I know there are decent priests especially in the Jesuit arm. American catholics are hypocrites. Even the Pope is speaking out about the narrow mindedness of some catholics. Get a life, Bill likes the Pope. Team Bill.

277 days ago


Mohammad married an eight-year-old girl. We aren't supposed to ever mention it, but he did. Catholics don't have a monopoly on perversion and I'd be shocked if Bill Maher is anything but the smug, self-righteous ponce he pretends to be.

277 days ago


You people are mad at Savage and Maher for telling the truth. You are hypocrites. You protect the molesting priests and get mad at gays wanting to adopt. I bet most of you didn't even see the interview. #nogodyoumorons

277 days ago


Because Jesus was all about boycotts and getting his critics fired.

277 days ago


Maher is vile and hatefilled. I am a Catholic and I'm proud of it. He can say what he wants during his miserable existence on this earth. It's not my place to judge him. I save that for the Kardashians.

277 days ago


Right on Bill and Dan!

277 days ago


Bill Maher is n't just anti Catholic ,he's anti-religion period. That being said he does seem to love poking fun (in a very hateful way) at Christians and Muslims, but especially Catholics. I'm not Catholic myself but I have to say that he comes off as a bit of as sanctimoniousness, pretentious, factious, and intolerably ignorant against anyone who doesn't share the same extremist liberal/non-anarchist outlook on the world. But again it's not just religion, he makes fun of ideas, style, cultures, and customs simply because they seem irrelevant and stupid to him. I have yet to meet a single person who openly likes Bull Maher, in addition to being a kind, open-minded, and intelligent individual, w/o being full of themselves. Seriously this guy is like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kayne West full of himself.

277 days ago


"...It's easy being an atheist when youre half Jew and half Catholic since no matter what you do, you could never really belong to either group..."

In Bill Maher's case, this passage explains his misery and loathing of all good things perfectly.

Maybe someday he will find some peace, and some freedom from those who control him.

277 days ago


At least Savage is telling the truth, when are the Catholic Priests going to start?

277 days ago


Maher is a self-righteous jerk. If you don't agree with him, you have no right to exist. His act got old a long time ago.

277 days ago


Absolutely agree with Dan Savage!!! Guess the Catholic Church is not big on freedom of speech, but they ARE on freedom of religion AND being tax-exempt, huh?
They certainly can't just cover this up like those THOUSANDS of child rapes committed by priests... smh...

276 days ago


Folks hate the truth. The Catholic church has lied, suppressed the truth, yet many of you continue to support them like sheep to slaughter. They continue to rub on children like they were Genie's in a bottle, yet you continue to support them. They are so powerful that they can make you seen an image stolen from the ancient BLACK AFRICANS from Kemet (egypt) in got damn grilled cheese sandwich! And that image you see as "Jesus" is NOT a Jesus, it is a person named Cesare Borgia son of the sixth Pope. The whole "Jesus" thing is a creation by the Romans and the only true "Jesus" is Heru (Horus). Whether you want to believe this or not, everything you see in your religion was stolen from the ancient BLACK AFRICANS of Kemet (egypt) and exploited.

276 days ago


Bill Maher still has a show???

276 days ago
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