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'Fast and Furious 7' Director

We Will Finish Making the Movie

12/7/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120713_james_wan_launchPaul Walker's death may have put a halt to production on "Fast and Furious 7" ... but last night the movie's director told us there are absolutely no plans to abandon the flick.

A somber James Wan was leaving LAX when he told us how the cast and crew are holding up after Paul's death a week ago ... and assured us 'F&F 7' is still a go.

Wan didn't offer details on how he'll complete the movie, but there would seem to be only two options:

1) Keep the footage they've already shot of Paul, and write out his character, Brian O'Conner.
2) Rewrite the whole thing without Brian O'Conner and shoot the movie from scratch.

Got another idea?  Write it in the comments.

Clearly, any option will require extensive script changes, so ... it remains unclear how long Universal will have to postpone production.


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Please keep the footage and write him out as part of the story.

323 days ago


lasati asa *** au fost facute filmarile cu el si ai faceti o moarte ma placuta fanilor"el murind salvand familia,copilul,sotia.."ceva ce noi sa putem privi si F&F8,9...

323 days ago


They could try to spread out his scenes that he shot so it looks like he's in the whole movie just w a lesser role. Or brian could die in a firey wreck w dom and rome trying to pull him out unsuccessfully. Then a cousin should come who is part of the police department somewhere else and fill brians role looking for revenge. I think if its a brother that looks like paul then it will just be obvious that he's been replaced which would ruin it since he can't be. Or u could make the dude from tokyo drift his cousin since both dads were **** (runs in the fam) and that could be another reason dom went to tokyo to get his help avenging brian and hans deaths. I don't freaken know something like that.

323 days ago


If they have any respect, they should play Brian out and not start the movie from scratch.

323 days ago


Keep hm like they did heath ledger in batman

323 days ago

Who's That Girl    

What idea? They already have footage shot of him. The only 2 possibilities is to cut his character out completely by sending him away or killing him off from the beginning or if possible, and only they would know this because of what's been shot already kill him off or aend his character away mid picture. But regardless I don't think they should do anymore after this unless they can get banging feedback from the audience. And they must give a tribute to Mr. Paul Walker because, I know when I think of this movie I immediately see his face in my mind. So sad=(

323 days ago


There absolutely must be a tribute to paul walker after the movie is over. Not some junky little 1 min one but a great one where we get to see the real paul walker w bloopers and all.

323 days ago


I feel they should kill him off the way he died in real life. Why re-write the entire movie? This was his final movie. All of his die hard fans would like to see him in his final roll, after all it is the roll that made him famous and he loved doing it. He has said that it is was his favorite roll, and also it would be even more dramatic to catch the other actors true emotions because they will be real. I am using Glee and Cory Monteith as my example. The Quarterback was the best episode made because it was real.

323 days ago


Write his death in the movie like having his charractor and Tyrese charractor in the car racing someone Tyrese got hurt and Paul died.

323 days ago


Ok heres how it needs to play out they reshow hans crash dom getting the crew to go over then then brian gets taken out in a crash the sake way han was by stayhem then they get the white kid to take his place from the 3rd or the cop he was always punching

323 days ago

M. Jones    

Of course you will finish the movie because it's all about the money. The fans will line up like good little soldiers. It is distasteful to finish a movie primarly based on speeding cars considering the way Paul Walker died.

323 days ago


I think u finish the movie because that's what Paul would have wanted and do it in a way as tribute to Paul as well to show how much he was loved and will be missed.

323 days ago


No let the character of Paul until then where it was filmed. And he is dan die suddenly, maybe a car accident. And dan mourn them and cutting even the real funeral of Paul as purely that would be great. And dan the film further as it was already written content without Paul. That's a good idea.
Idea of Eren Özdin a fan of Germany.

323 days ago


I think they should leave the footage they have of Paul and write out his character like him dying in a crash then dedicate the movie to him. I think he would agree with that. I don't think its disrespectful either because he loved racing, he said himself if something ever happened to him at least he was doing it with a smile on his face.

323 days ago


I wouldn't mind if they kept him in for the whole movie. Yes it is possible. Write him off at the end with a nice dedication. Have him, his wife and child walking off into the sunset. I believe keeping his character and writing him off during the movie can upset too many fans. Majority of the fans want this to be completed for Paul so I don't see them scratching it. Starting from scratch without his role I cannot see either because everybody knows it will not be the same and this is what Paul would want. In my opinion. RIP Buddy!

323 days ago
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