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Kanye West


How Dare You Compare Yourself to Cops!

12/12/2013 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1212-chief-david-oliver-ap-2-articleA police chief in Ohio is GOING OFF on Kanye West -- tearing the guy apart for comparing himself to cops and soldiers ... saying Kanye has NO CLUE about the real dangers they face. 

The cop with the beef is Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver ... who says he was listening when Kanye told a media outlet that he puts his life on the line at his rap concerts ... just like cops and soldiers.

Chief Oliver was so angry, he posted an open letter to West on the department's Facebook page ... saying, "You sir, are as misguided as they come."

The majority of the letter is dripping in sarcasm, mocking Kanye for the ridiculous comparison:

"Since you are accustomed to danger, from your life as an international rapper, I am strongly encouraging you immediately abandon you career as a super star and join the military."

"After joining, I would like you to volunteer to be deployed in Afghanistan or one of the numerous other forward locations where our men an women are currently serving. When the Taliban starts shooting at you, perhaps you could stand up and let the words flow."

"I’m sure they would just drop weapons and surrender. You could quite possibly end all wars, just from the enemy being star-struck."

The letter ends, "What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harm’s way… and my brother and sister police officers who have to go to work carrying weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect themselves."

"Check yourself, before you wreck yourself….Chief Oliver."



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Spunky Funk    

Hate to say it - okay, no I don't, but this police chief and everyone else is feeding right into what Kanye said. This is exactly what he wanted when he said what he said. He wanted attention and he wanted to shock people. Congrats guys. Kanye wins. He knows what he said is stupid and outrageous. He wants this type of attention. Don't you all get it by now??!

279 days ago


If anyone risk their lives for their career... It's kim.. With all those surgical procedures making her look like a character from a Dr Seuss book

279 days ago


The only time risk his life is every time he sticks his pee pee in his dirty ho

279 days ago


I wonder how many military people or emergency workers have bought tickets to his concerts to only now regret it

279 days ago

Kanye West is a big enough A-hole to be a cop but he's just not fat enough.

279 days ago


Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela ... Good people who give back to communities around the world died. Paul Walker died in a super tragic accident and KANYE gets to live? And then you guys expect me to believe in God? Haha, good one!

279 days ago


Don't really know

279 days ago


I REALLY like the chief. Wonder what kind of "protection" KW gets there? Geez, he really doesn't need body guards, does he? LMAO. I have a new Idol, thanks Chief!!!

279 days ago


Total idiot!!! Come to TEXAS, everybody got guns. You'll feel real safe here with yo dumb-ass self. They don't play that knock game here!

279 days ago


One word NICE

279 days ago


What a pompous a$$ KW is. He is so full of himself he's about to explode! It was hysterical watching his interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show - you could tell it was taking everything she had to not bust out laughing as this arrogant so-called rapper! And his new video? If that's what you call "music" these days, I'm going back to listening to Elvis and the oldies!

KW will NEVER get one CENT of my money! His wife is about as pathetic as he is, too - not sure what a "Kardashian" is - but I'd rather not wast a minute of my precious life "keeping up with them!" Never watched them, never will.

I LOVE Chief Oliver - find him on Facebook! This guy ROCKS!!!

279 days ago


Police, army, navy, marines and airforce people are heroes they keep this fool free so he can talk sh## in a free coubtry. He is delusional the only danger he faces is Kim K. Please he has no more talent than the rest of Hollywood people !!!! He is a clown only cursing and talking fast?? I don't see the talent he is a fool stop comparing yourself to people who actually work and those who are an example for the youth. I don't think a goof patent would want their kids saying "when I want to grow up, I want to be like K. West"

279 days ago


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279 days ago


Hahaha kanye pissing some people off!

279 days ago

When scientist finally find the center of the earth...Kanye is going to be really upset when he finds out he's not it....

279 days ago
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