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Beyonce Surprise

While You Were Sleeping ...

I Dropped A New Album!

12/13/2013 5:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Beyonce just pulled off a HUMONGOUS feat ...  surprising fans by dropping an entire album in the middle of the night on iTunes ... and doing it in almost total secrecy.

Not just a single song, mind you ... a full album -- called "Beyonce" -- with 14 new songs and 17 music videos.

There are a ton of stars featured on the tracks -- Jay Z, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, The Dream, Miguel ... and a bunch of others ... even her baby, Blue Ivy gets a credit.

Right now, the album's only on iTunes ... Queen B said she did that for a reason, saying "I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it. I am bored with that."

She also released a music video for every new song -- and somehow, one of our TMZ photogs got into one of the shots (see video below) ... PHOTOBOMB!!



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Who cares about beyonce lol tell me more about the tmz guy he's sexy 😊

282 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

i'm impressed..we are all impressed now do something useful turn Africa into 2nd world country.

282 days ago


How come all the girls on your show are HOT!!!
i am just sayin

282 days ago


It just amazes me how America has turned into such a hatful nation. You ppl who r hating are just a handful, because if it was more than that...this beautiful lady wouldn't be breaking as many records as she has. Why don't you try this...say a prayer for yourselves and pray that your soul wont end up with the likes of other self loathing, disrespectful , self hating dum dums. I think ppl in this category are just mad that she is never in the middle of crap like..Miley Cry for us. You can't find anything else to talk about involving her so you make up crap to ease you need for wanting to hear negative news.....GET A FLIPPIN LIFE...cause Im sure your ignorant comments have no bearing on Ms. Cater at all. Keep killing it Queen B!!!!! and the haters do just that....HATE!!!

282 days ago


So you decided to change up the way you release albums... Why not release some actual new content?

I may get some hate for this, but Beyonce's music has been stagnant since 2003. If you listen to all of her songs without any previous knowledge, you wouldn't be stupid if you assumed they were all off the same album.
Her music has not evolved, listening to her work it sounds like she's still stuck in 03.

Let's compare Beyonce to Tina Turner or Janet Jackson. Both of which Beyonce is compared to, and both of which inspired her. Listening to Janet Jackson's Control, and then moving on to Rhythm Nation, you can hear some growth. Different beats, different themes. Going from Rhythm Nation to Janet., you can also see BIG changes, the same goes for Janet. to the Velvet Rope.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Beyonce.

282 days ago


You guys have it wrong.. She didn't do this to "change the game". This just shows how huge her ego is, and you all just keep feeding it. Think of it like this, Beyonce KNOWS that she's so big that she doesn't need to waste her time promoting and hawking her album. Beyonce is the "queen", she knows that all the plebs and peasants that are so far beneath her will eat up anything she throws out regardless. This wasn't a Machiavellian move to "change the game" at all, it is a prime example of how highly she thinks of herself and her music. I got to say though, as much as I hate everything Beyonce and Jay-Z stand for and represent (that money & power are everything), it would be a lie to argue otherwise. As evidenced by the reaction to this whole thing, she was obviously right, you're all eating it up while labeling her a "genius". "Normal" and "regular" people have got to stop rewarding these elitist/plutocratic millionaires and billionaires. Quit buying into the lie that these people living in the "Let Them Eat Cake" bubble of our time. We're the ones who have been giving our power and worth to the people that have more paper rectangles in their pockets than us. If you don't want to pay $650 for an IPhone 5S that costs Apple $200 to make, stop lining up to buy every one they have the day they go on sale. If we stop validating the insanely high profit margins and salaries the wealthy make, they will fall to more realistic levels. If everyone stopped paying $650 for Chinese made phones, they would quickly drop the prices. The same goes for celebrities, what makes Miley Cyrus more valuable than a cardiac surgeon? We do. I'm not saying the world should be "fair", that's an unrealistic Socialist delusion but this is just insane. Beyonce is a genius because she didn't want to waste her valuable time selling her product? Yeah, maybe so but only because WE made it that way. I wish this country would just wake the hell up and quit acting like sheep, waiting to be hearded along and shaved for all the wool you have (hope that makes sense).

282 days ago


HATER'S ... I don't understand.

282 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Hate to piss on your parade, but Olivia Newton John did the same . Unexpected release.13 songs.13 videos.......the album, "Physical".....1981!!!

281 days ago


Will she get her own style and stop copying Rihanna? That look does not suit her. She copies everyone. Please just go away in secret.

281 days ago


Why is this such a huge deal?

281 days ago


Y don't they ever show blue ivys face?

281 days ago


It's amazing how much negativity people write about her but at the same time have never seen her perform live or heard a complete body of her work...but based of her record sales the majority disagrees with all of the either way she's cashing out at the bank while your left trolling online :-)

281 days ago


So I just finished listening to beyonce new CD and I have to be honest guys, it sucked... and I'm a die hard fan!!!!!!! Smh really disappointed with this b

280 days ago
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