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Demi Lovato

How Dare 'X Factor'

Joke About My Drinking Problem

12/20/2013 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Lovato is furious at the producers of "X Factor," grousing that she was blindsided by a skit that mocked her addiction ... TMZ has learned.

Mario Lopez introduced a skit which showed clips of Demi drinking what looked like booze, acting annoying and off center. 

Demi is extremely upset because addiction has turned her life upside down.  It got so bad, she was living in a sober house for more than a year just to avoid temptation.

You can see her reaction on the show ... at one point it appears she says "That's f**ked up."

Demi's already said she's leaving the show, but now it's pretty clear ... for her it couldn't be soon enough.

We contacted reps for the show ... so far no word back.



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I've in the past have had drinking problems. She needs to laugh it off. I always find humor in my own problems. The more it's obvious that your an easy target, the more you'll hear. Just laugh it off, and people will get no entertainment out of this. Truthfully, if you think about it, it's usually the who are jealous of you that pour it on.

243 days ago


She's the one pimping her addiction to try and get people to feel sorry for her and buy her crap.

243 days ago


Poor little rich girl with problems. Talk about someone who can't hold their alcohol! Christ, bitch has absolutely no will power. Actually had to live in a sober living home? LOSER!!

243 days ago


I'm not a teeny bopper fan by any means, but I watched the clip and thought it was not only distasteful, but just plain dumb! Exactly why I don't watch X Factor...

243 days ago


Good for her! I am glad someone is trying to be a role model and not hide their addiction problems or pretend that it's no big deal.

243 days ago


Nobody implied it was alcohol you morons. They said she can be annoying so she must drink annoying juice.

243 days ago


If you really feel that way....walk now....f*ck waiting for season to end,stand up for your life and walk...screw the contract.......let them go public with world what losers networks are,all about the $ the real people that have problems see your problems are the same....You will get a lot of respect for that.........but you will do as ask and wonder why you never made it......

243 days ago


No...they aren't making fun of your alcoholism. They are making fun of you because you probably are really annoying. Full of herself too with her throngs of teens and preteens that worship her ass.

243 days ago


A skit like that, on the show is in bad taste. People die from addiction every day, especially in Hollywood as evidenced by the long list of dead celebs with Cory Monteith most recently. If SNL had done it, that would be fine. Different show. But having her coworkers publicly poke fun at a problem like alcoholism, simply is in extremely poor taste.

243 days ago


Oh people get over it. It's juice not liquor or anything else. Demi needs to humble her ass down. She's been a bitch. During the show calm down girl sorry if I'm being mean ijs

243 days ago


Look people. So wjat if she's had problems? so what if we heard about it on TV a lot? She still doesn't deserve to be ridiculed this way no matter what she's done in the past.

243 days ago


Mocked her addiction. Um no, it mocked her being annoying. Der.

242 days ago

mary kearney    

Don't judge when you don't know what it's like.

242 days ago


You know all i here demi is whine about everything stupid thing possible. She works in Hollywood she knows what its all about the joke was not that bad. and i agree she annoying.... she heard worst crap in hollywood than this joke. you get offended working in hollywood maybe its time to quit?

242 days ago


This place seems to be filled with insensitive people who haven't really much personal experience with addiction. I can understand her emotions. Also, I think people here making a big deal out of it are kind of idiots because she was clearly joking about it at the end of the video. If something bothers her, maybe it's because she's recovering addict and it triggered something in her. I don't get why she gets so much crap. She spreads a really good message to people and seems like a genuinely warm hearted person. Might come off as obnoxious on the X Factor, but she doesn't other places. She doesn't whine, but she tries to help people and she actually does help people. It would be much easier for her to say nothing.

241 days ago
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