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'Duck Dynasty' Family

Threatens to Walk ... A&E Screwed

12/20/2013 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Phil Robertson's family is in solidarity ... they're not doing "Duck Dynasty" without him, and now A&E has a huge problem. It's the biggest cable reality show ever ... and if the Robertsons walk, they could lose several hundreds of THOUSAND dollars!

Plus, Kim Kardashian was near tears because she said people were focusing on her body too much -- so why in the world is she parading around in a bikini for setup photos???

And, French Montana is the latest celebrity to get a monkey as a pet -- and pisses off a lot of people in the process.



(0:00) "Duck Dynasty" family unites -- they're not gonna do the show without Phil ... and A&E is screwed.
(6:00) Shaunie O'Neal and Shaq at war over putting their kids on reality TV.
(10:00) Admitted addict Matthew Perry goes to war with a British journalist who doesn't think addiction is real.
(15:00) Kim K's white bikini pics ... Photoshopped as well?
(18:00) Walter Mitty's video promotion money all goes to relief in the Philippines -- we're joined by the guy who talked the movie's producers into letting him spend it that way.
(24:00) French Montana's new pet monkey has the newsroom up in arms.
(29:00) Kate Winslet threatens to sue after "Fathers4Justice" use her to prove a point over child custody.
(32:00) Casey Kasem's daughter joins us to give a grim outline of the time she was finally allowed to spend with him ... and how guns were involved.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Chris Brown -- bailing on rehab for a toy drive.

No Avatar

Chucky Mapoo    

Kate Winslet likes variety

286 days ago


286 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Their shoehorning Kate Winslet?... she has three kids... no shoehorn needed

286 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

**** 'em...let them walk and see if their show gets picked up.

286 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

You trained that 1st caller well, Harvey

286 days ago


Is that Magic ?

286 days ago


Kim used her body to get where she is. Now that it's not so hot, she thinks people are focusing on it too much ? Typical Kardashian mindset.

286 days ago


Personally I don't like this show I knew from the get go that these red neck hillbillies were racist so at the end of the day for me I could care less and yes a&e knew these hillbillies were racist it was only when this red neck did a interview for a magazine and revealed his views about different types of people came out so now a&e have to save face truly pathetic

286 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Duck Dinasty guy does have a right to his opinion, only he must abide by A&E rules.

286 days ago


Let them walk. Find a new family to make fun of.

286 days ago


had to stop watching at about 3 minutes because i was wondering when someone was gonna chime in and say "**** the queers".. you all were pretty close. sad.

283 days ago


It's popular with 90%+ of the audience in rural, southern, uneducated counties/markets. Outside the south, no audience delivery at all. A&E will pay them and cancel the show, which they own, and hold them to the non-compete, if they are pushed. It may do a big number, but Mercedez and Lexus are not fighting for inventory in the show. Cracker Barrel sums up their audience perfectly - people who buy cheese from a canister. Let them go and take the write off.

283 days ago

Buck Boy    

It is better for All american's that .....CHRISTIANS be secluded to a place like GITMO. They are the real terroist in america and should not be allowed near other rational thinkers....especially our children who they tend to molest on a regular basis. And those that are in a cult like a duck dynasty or a mormon or extreme muslim's should be guarded closely and fed only left overs (from the dog food bowl).

I am sure they understand why these rules are necessary. It is clear society can not control them.

283 days ago


Gays are allowed to express how they feel,so why can't straight people express how they feel. I support Phil 100%, what happen to freedom of speech?

283 days ago
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