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Jason Williams -- Andrew Bynum Doesn't Like Basketball ... At Least It Seems that Way

Jason Williams Andrew Bynum Doesn't Like Basketball ... At Least It Seems That Way

12/29/2013 2:30 PM PST

Andrew Bynum's NBA troubles might stem from the fact that he simply DOESN'T LIKE BASKETBALL ... and is only playing because it's an easy career for a 7-footer ... so says ex-NBA star Jason Williams.

Williams -- the #2 overall pick in the 2002 Draft -- didn't seem too surprised with Bynum's recent suspension from the Cleveland Cavaliers (conduct detrimental to the team) because it falls in line with a pattern of behavior from someone who just doesn't love the game.

"Andrew Bynum is Andrew Bynum ... basketball ain't for everybody."

Williams explained, "Sometimes dudes are tall and people expect 'em to play hoop ... and they can hoop and you can make great money doing it, [but it] doesn't mean they love hoop."

"I'm not saying that Andrew Bynum doesn't love basketball, but everything he's been doing doesn't make it seem like he loves basketball, makes is it seem like he's just doing it for the exposure and the money."

Bynum's only 26 ... but he's missed significant time over the years due to injuries ... including a left knee injury last season that he suffered while bowling.

As for Bynum's current suspension -- the team has not released details about Andrew's "detrimental" conduct. Watch TMZ Sports on FS1 Get the new TMZ Sports app!
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