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James Holmes

Victims Families Outraged

Apt. On the Market

12/30/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-james-holmes-aurora-getty Victims of James Holmes' murderous rampage are anguished and angry that the apartment he turned into a death trap is being rented again.

We spoke with a number of families after breaking the story that the apartment -- which Holmes booby trapped with 30 grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline with the intent of killing cops -- is on the market, and they feel victimized again and disrespected.

Bill Hoover -- whose grandson A.J. Boik was gunned down by the Aurora shooter -- says, "The place should be burned down or bulldozed."

The landlord is asking $850 a month, boasting the 650 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bathroom unit is completely renovated and furnished.  There's no mention about the previous tenant.

Hoover adds, "He [Holmes] is the epitome of evil and what went on in that building was horrendous ... I don't think anyone would want to stay there if they knew the evil acts that were done."

A member of another victim's family says, "There needs to be a sign saying a worthless killer lived here."

Still, we gotta ask ...



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also - how disgusting of you TMZ for reaching out to the families for a comment just to make this waste of space article. you should be ashamed. journalism at it's trashiest.

237 days ago


While it may be hard for the families involved this is somebody's livelihood. The owner is not sensationalizing what happened and for that we should be thankful. While I feel for all of the families involved, we can't shut down the world because tragedy happens. It was not the apartment that was bad, it was the person.

237 days ago


I seriously look forward to reading James Holmes' obituary here...the sooner the better!

237 days ago


The White House and Vatican are responsible for the deaths of millions, so why are they not rallying to burn those down? Stupid, selfish people, thinking the whole world should stop and an apartment owner should lose income, just because someone in their family died.

237 days ago


I don't think the landlord should be penalized due to having had an unsavory tenant. I DO think it should be disclosed when terrible crimes have been committed inside a property (Jeffrey Dahmer) . I can't imagine living somewhere and then finding out Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and ate people where I was sleeping. No sir.

237 days ago


I live up here in Ft Collins, Co and I dont think it should be rented let alone still standing....RIP to all the victims, these acts these young men committ affect us deeply and those moments in time will never be forgotten. To all of u speaking negatively on the victims, god forbid this will ever happen to someone u know and love!!!!

237 days ago


Just rent it out to the endless stream of foreigners moving into our country who are making us press "1" for English.

237 days ago


Why So Serious ?

237 days ago


OK I feel for the relatives of those this ******* killed but CAMON seriously? WFT is the Manager supposed to do? Turn it into a ****ing shrine?

Or maybe the relatives could put together $850 a month and that way they could keep it empty...

Oh wait - the Aurora Century 16 cinema complex is still open... if ANYTHING should be shut down/closed/razed it should be that place

237 days ago


Did they tear down the movie theater where everyone was actually murdered? I think they reopened 6 months later....were the families angry then?

237 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

its a facking apt. the only "outrage" is that they havnt had any news cameras in their face in a while.

237 days ago

devil's advocate    

If the affected families don't want a paying tenant living in the apartment, then they can all get together and pay the rent and leave it empty. Nobody has the right to tell a business owner how to run their business.

237 days ago


I'd rent it and then throw nightly BatMan parties.

237 days ago


These people are absolutely bananas. This guy is supposed to bulldoze his building because a crazy person plotted a murder in their rental. SO SILLY. America needs to lose all the stupid crazy people.

237 days ago


I understand being upset, but why should the landlord loose his building because what 1 idiot did. The landlord should not have to pay for this guys actions.

237 days ago
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