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Torrey Smith

NFL Player Fires Off Homophobic Slur

1/3/2014 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

10:50 AM PT -- Torrey is standing his ground ... tweeting, "I wasn't being offensive nor am I homophobic not apologizing or taking it down."
With the Chris Kluwe gay controversy raging, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has thrust himself into the mix by hurling a homophobic slur in public.

Smith just posted a photo on Instagram featuring a man wearing pink flowery socks ... along with the caption, "Look at this queen."


0103-torrey-smithInteresting timing, considering Kluwe says he was blackballed from the NFL for crusading against gay hatred -- like this -- and pushing for equality.

Of course, it ain't the first time an NFL star has used a homophobic slur in public -- just last year, 49ers defensive star Chris Culliver came under serious fire after saying he wouldn't play with a gay teammate because he's not into "that sweet stuff."

We've reached out to Torrey's rep -- so far, no word back.

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No Avatar


Only because Harvey Levin is gay, do stories about everyone's alleged "homophobia" make it to this site. This is such the non story it isn't even finny.

104 days ago


"Funny" not "finny".

104 days ago


So, who is the "queen" taking issue with the queen slur. Seriously.

104 days ago


The word is "BIGOTED", not "homophobic". If you're going to write, LEARN THE LANGUAGE and meaning of the words you use!

And seriously? that was a bigoted comment? Overreact much?

104 days ago


Saying "queer" use to be considered a waaaaaaaaa hurtful slur but homos use it all the time. It's like Black using the word "******". ANYONE can say what they want and if it offends you, grow a backbone and deal with it.

104 days ago


Hyper political correctness!! Queen really !!!!!

104 days ago


JESUS CHRIST, TMZ! You lazy pigs sit around on your show insulting the **** out of anyone and everyone, then get all huffy about someone calling a guy a queen? You all are the most two faced hypocritical little ****s on TV! You make Hitler look good. Harvey, all your little fatass bitches sit their passing judgement on everyones appearance, even snipe at you and then act like they didn't mean it... yeah, Harvey, they meant it, I bet they call you worse than queen behind your back, too. Grow up, you ignorant slobs.

104 days ago

Robert Jones    

Homophobic is a phony word made up by liberals so they can put a negative name tag on someone who thinks homosexuality is wrong.
I guess all the people that disagree with Christians are

104 days ago


Pay these guys a lot of money, and they're going to say what they want, PC or not. Real black men are going to leave the Democrat Party once Obama's gone. Truth be told, many don't have much use for him to start with.

104 days ago


Gays suck.

104 days ago


Wow, somebody's desperate for a headline. "Queen" is not a homophobic slur. Gays use it all the time.

Or is it like n-wirt where you gots to be dat befo you can say dat?

104 days ago


Torrey probably meant nothing insulting by it but what if Torrey did mean something behind it? What IF he was homophobic? Would there be a problem with it?

I'm sick of every time some celebrity or football player makes a comment that may could be interpreted as being homophobic, there has to be some big uproar. If someone is homophobic, so what? That is their right. It is sad that in 2014 its "breaking news" every time someone might speak against gays. Like as if everyone should find it acceptable. People have the right to have their own opinions. I guess that we can always depend on TMZ to contribute to the problem every time by making a story of it. Torrey though meant no harm with it. So just drop it TMZ.

104 days ago


Is there a way to imply a man in flowered socks is gay that TMZ would not find homophobic? Seems to me the guy was making a joke and teasing some friend of his. Let's try not to be so freaking sensitive, okay?

104 days ago


Slurs, insults, hate. Who would ever want to be subjected to that? But people still continue to do so.

104 days ago

Mr. Mojorisin    

Hahahahahahahahahaha dude is tmz serious? This article and claiming that torrey smith is a homophobic for this is utterly rediculous and embarrassing

104 days ago
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