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Insane Clown Posse

Sues Federal Government

Juggalos Aren't a Gang, We're a Family

1/8/2014 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The Insane Clown Posse is OUTRAGED the Federal Government has labeled their followers as a dangerous gang ... so now they've filed a lawsuit, demanding the Feds take back what they said.

ICP claims a 2011 FBI report -- which referred to Juggalos as a "loosely organized hybrid gang" -- wrongly characterizes their fans as violent lawbreakers ... and has led to unwarranted harassment of their fans by law enforcement.

In addition to ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, several fans are also party to the suit, and they cite several examples during which they were allegedly subjected to such harassment.

One fan says he's been stopped multiple times by cops because of his ICP clothing. Another says he was forced to remove his Juggalo tattoos in order to enlist in the military.

ICP admits some of their fans have broken the law in the past, but they insist "it is wrong to designate the entire group of supporters as a criminal gang based on the acts of a few." During a news conference, Shaggy 2 Dope said, "We're not a gang. We're a family."

ICP says the FBI report violates their constitutional right to free speech as well as their right to associate with whoever they want. They want the Feds to stop with the gang talk once and for all.


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They also claim to be "about Jesus" but they sing about violent murder and other atrocities.

'Violent for Jesus' isn't a good rap game, guys.

253 days ago

Dingo Ate My Baby    

The government should go after Beliebers too. Those are some scary people.

253 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

Gang, family either way their music sucks

253 days ago


Every "jugalo" ive encountered has been rude,loud,angry! No one owes you any favors folks. Grow up and get a job!

253 days ago


"Welcome to are Carnivals 50,000 Juggalos, freaks and weirdos, and killers at our shows. I'm just glad we down with em hate to be y'all, and havea juggalo ****ter my skull, for the Carnival" just some lyrics from these "great human beings"

253 days ago

Dingo Ate My Baby    

"I'm just a juggalo,
and everywhere we go,
people get hurt from our fighting.
They say that we're a gang,
we say that they're insane,
and now were suing for what they're claiming....."

253 days ago


so then are the beliebers a highly organized hybrid gang then.. make some arrests!

253 days ago


Talentless losers

253 days ago


bwaaaahahaha! that's what they get for sucking so bad!

253 days ago

Tammy LM    

I get so sick of people like this wasting Government money and time with these stupid a%$ lawsuits that even THEY know will be tossed out. To say legally that your legion of fans are "family" is to have to prove with DNA evidence in court that they are all biologically kin to you. Not happening. To label something a gang means to have a group of mostly young people affiliated with the same group or organization, YES. The authorities have it legally pegged right, and that will stand in any court.
And just as someone else pointed out, there is never a concert for ICP where "something" violent doesn't happen in some shape or form. As for someone being denied acceptance into the military because of their ICP tattoo, that has nothing to do with ICP. ANY tattoo can have you refused with the military because depending on where a tattoo is located on your body, they are not allowed and grounds for refusal to inlistment. When you join the military you represent Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam ONLY, NOT ICP! That's nothing new at all to the military guidelines. As for cops singling out someone for their "ICP" clothing. Get real. Cops are going to ten time to one pull over or search the moron wearing saggy baggy pants and oversized clothing before anyone else ANYWAY because people who wear baggy clothing are nine times out of ten thugs and most likely have one of three things one them. Drugs, Weapons, or a Warrent. Here's a suggestion....You don't want to be disrespected as a citizen of this country, dress like you got some damn sense!

People who dress gangsta get treated like gangstas! PERIOD! ICP is just doing this for attention and it's pathetic.

253 days ago


Sure, and the Bloods and the Crips are just misunderstood families, too...riiiiiight.

253 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Dont encourage your fans to commit violence and this won't happen. The Grateful Dead never asked me to hurt anyone!!!!!

253 days ago


Please! Playing the victim card because your a group of losers.

253 days ago

Malik Wolfe    

I make my jokes and have my laughs. But, truth be told these are a bunch of white kids who are upset that they are being treated like *****s. And I know this because I have spent a good portion of my high school and early college years around those "Juggalos and Juggalettes" (mostly because they always had good pot). How this social group is still around amazes me and I salute them for it. Also to add the government already targets people who are associated with the rap genre in which whom are mostly black and I am aware that there are a variety of "juggalos and Juggallettes", who are mostly white from what I have seen , although that is sad to say. But ICP and their fans are jumping into the line of fire. So I suggest to them just deal with it. And continue to act like a ***** and be treated like a *****.

252 days ago


You all may want to rethink what you say about people you know NOTHING about. That person you are referring to as s***, just might be the doctor in the ER that is saving you or your loved one's life.They might be the the person cleaning your teeth or teaching your child. They might be the lawyer you hired to defend you in your DWI case. They could be the lovely lady you go to weekly to do your hair or the person sitting in the pew next to you during Sunday school.

Juggalo's are NOT a Gang. They are a group of People who know what it is like to NOT quite fit in anywhere, as "J" said. We understand what it is like to be different and to search for others who pass Absolutely NO Judgement. We are a group of people with a passion for music and ,most of all, story telling that none other than a 'Lo or a 'Let can comprehend. We are an intelligent, enlightened and independent group of individuals who are NOT afraid to be who we are and stand up for what is right and just. We care and empathize with others and always help those in need when we can.

There are two old wise tales I'm sure we have all heard. One is is false....A few bad apples DO NOT spoil the whole bushel. The other is pure truth....You should NEVER judge a book by it's cover.

252 days ago
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