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Kate Gosselin's Kids

We're Not Your Puppets, Mom

1/16/2014 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kate Gosselin tried to parade her kids out on TV ... expecting them to shout to the world how great their lives are now -- and it blew up in her face ... hysterically. Did she get what she deserves? Jon Gosselin joins us to explain what he thinks was behind the disaster.

Plus, Justin Bieber's biggest concern after the egg raid has nothing to do with the egg investigation -- instead he's worried about nude pics and drug references on his confiscated phone. What's Bieber hiding?

And, "Anchorman 2" star David Koechner joins us to reveal what Kanye West was like on set -- and explain why he bailed on a career in politics for comedy.



(0:00) Kate Gosselin's daughters go silent on the Today show -- and it's hilariously awkward. But what's behind their on-air shutdown?
(5:00) Justin Bieber's phone -- cops have it ... so what's one it? And who are in the nudie pics he's worried about?
(10:00) Trace Adkins allegedly beats the crap out of his impersonator after falling off the wagon -- then beelines for rehab.
(15:00) A former Playboy playmate tragically dies -- we'll tell you how it's related to Whitney Houston.
(18:00) David Koechner from "Anchorman" joins us to talk about what Kanye West was like on set ... and why he bailed on a career in politics.
(24:00) Jon Gosselin joins us explain why his daughters "Today" appearance proves reality TV -- and Kate -- are terrible for them.
(29:00) A huge Vine star accused of raping his girlfriend --we have all the details.
(32:00) "Fantasy Factory" star Chris "Drama" Pfaff joins us -- we ask him if Justin Bieber is bad for his clothing company ... and why he let his girlfriend take his Lambo for a spin.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected pitches of the week!

No Avatar


Somebody explain to me, how is it in all the pictures we are seeing of Kanye in Paris, neither one of his hands has a single mark on them? Very odd for someone who had to beat somebody up for Kim's honor. LOL LOL I knew it was total bull****.

246 days ago


It's very clear that Kate is trying desperately to score another reality show, this time supposedly focusing on her twin daughters....
This woman, Kate Gosslin, is a registered nurse. Can she not go back to work as such? Nurses are in high demand. Can't she actually work anymore??

246 days ago


I saw this in real time and KNEW it end up here.

245 days ago


Wait until those girls hit puberty. They already look like they want to make her life hell.....Can't wait.

219 days ago


Kate has a lot of kids to care for and see to it they are healthy and do well in school and she does that.

The kids freeze up on camera and everyone wants to tell their favorite lie they hope it is. This women is getting a bad rap from sick people only.

The kids wanted another chance so they went on theView and did much better--shy but they talked.

this women had to stand strong for herself and her children while Jon goes around women to women cant pay child support and bashes his ex on national tv and the rest of you fools act just like Jon.

198 days ago
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