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Arian Foster's Bro

She's LYING About Abortion Threats

... And There's Proof

1/18/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arian Foster's brother insists he NEVER tried to strong-arm Brittany Norwood into getting an abortion -- and now TMZ Sports has obtained text messages that show she actually PRAISED him as a "good person."

We broke the story ... Brittany -- who's 17 weeks pregnant -- is suing both Arian and his brother Abdul, claiming they "constantly harassed" her about aborting the NFL star's love child.

Now, Abdul is breaking his silence ... telling us, "At no time did I ever try to threaten, harass or pressure Ms. Norwood. The only contacts I had with her were on November 12, 2013 when we exchanged text messages and met for dinner."

TMZ Sports has seen the text message exchange, in which Abdul apologized for the "passionate" dinner conversation ... but said he understands her decision to keep the baby and added, "I hope things continue to work out."

Brittany responded to the text with a series of compliments ... saying, "Abdul, honestly I respect your opinion and I know how good of a person you are and all the people you're trying to protect and that's so genuine and admirable."

She continued, "I'm really trying to think about everything, it's just a horrible situation and it's very hard. But I do love your brother so much I can't express to anyone how I feel about him and how happy he makes me."

We reached out to Brittany -- but she had no official comment and said she's been placed under a court issued gag order.

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No Avatar


Wonder if she heard of OJ?

286 days ago


Good enough for him/ them for contine to sleep with white women . Let ur wallets be empty , just like ur inept mind

286 days ago


She's a hoe

286 days ago


Can't turn a hoe into a housewife

286 days ago


She only wants money, why else would she go public with this crap

286 days ago


Well, I feel a little better about arian, he isnt going to just give her money and forget kid. He has filed for co conservatorship if the baby is his. In TX basically he will have a say in anything evolving the kid and she cant do as she pleases (like exploit him on some reality show). Im impressed, most would just give her money and be gone with it. His two sons will probably go to same school. Im sure he will pay for it all. He is going to be a father to the kid. Of course he is going to have to deal with baby momma forever and she is still in love. Wouldnt be suprised if she didnt use the baby to spend time with him. Interesting fact..his wife got preggers when they were dating..he obviously doesnt like condoms.

286 days ago


It is 50/50 co conservatorship. ..so each have to get others blessing..of course it has to be granted. Im sure she will get money and they will work out joint custody. She wins...wonder in 5 years will she get preggers by another athlete. .like the one that got preggers by matt lienant (sp) former pro qb and she just had another son by pro basketball player forgot his name. One good thing for arian, in texas there is a cap on child support and she has to keep detailed records. it is chump change..that is why she sued for the other stuff..she aint gonna get alot in child support tx.

286 days ago


The other chick was 20 when she had her first son as well by matt.

286 days ago


When are the courts going to hold these s***bag money grubbing skanks accountable for their actions? When these wh0res get knocked up, why is it 100 percent of the man's wallet that has to support the both of them?

285 days ago


From his own text he is a liar, he lied about his relationship with his wife, he deceived her. Which means he had no integrity, no heart. He's not denying dating her which means he's a cheater. Again no integrity. And common sense will tell you no married man wants a child by a mistress. So again why do we bribe anything from his mouth. He's a living Freddie croger, disguised as a wealthy human being. She's a slut, we can see that but with there character flaws it looks like they deserve each other, it probably I true love. The wife is about the money if she stays with this piece of crap.

281 days ago


They deserve each other. He's a liar, cheater and cruel. She's a idiot and a slut. Perfect match! It is true love, they should be together. I bet his wife is just as slutty, he probably has no prenup and that's why he's trying so hard to act like he has a wife now. He can't love his wife with how he dogged her out and those text. She's as dumb as the mistress if she thinks he does. If he cared anything about his kids he would never have jeopardized loosing them if his wife leaves. This man is evil and we need to stop justifying his deceitful ness because his mistress is a hoe.

281 days ago


Defamation of character. Ha, he's a cheater and a liar. His character is obviously very flawed. Probably should have countersun

281 days ago
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