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George Zimmerman

Flees Miami After Death Threat

2/18/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217-george-zimmerman-01George Zimmerman fled Miami after someone threatened there was a huge bounty on his head.

Zimmerman taped an interview last Tuesday with Univision and Fusion, and then took his girlfriend, her kid and his brother to the beach.  While they were catching some rays, people noticed him, started harassing him, and then someone shouted out George had a $10,000 bounty on his head.

We're told it freaked him out and they all retreated to the hotel, but the crowd followed them.

Security swept their room to make sure no one tampered with their stuff and then stood guard throughout the day and night.  We're told Zimmerman did his CNN interview early the next morning and then beat it ... literally fleeing Miami.

Fact is ... the bounty threat seems somewhat real.  There's a Black Panthers video online in which one of the leaders puts a $1 MILLION bounty on Zimmerman's head.


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224 days ago


Zimmerman is filth just like Casey Anthony. OJ's in jail, but they're aren't. Racism

224 days ago


Zimmerman is a HERO. He took a ghetto, waste of oxygen THUG off our streets! We should be praising him. But no.. All of you people calling him a "racist" and that BS are saying you wish him harm. You're the racist ones. He killed a dumb black man. If Martin was white, we never would've heard about it.

224 days ago


I don't like Zimmerman, but the video is also very inappropriate. I hate to say it, but it's racist. Honestly about 1/3 of my family is mixed. I am not racist, but the statements in this video are wrong. If someone feels like arguing it. I could prove it easily. With videos like this coming out. Racism is guaranteed to continue to rise on all sides.

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224 days ago


George Z is a racist who will never be safe on the streets of the U.S. This little coward punk ass took the life of an innocent kid who was minding is own business. The stupid ass jurors who were racist and just plain idiots let him walk. To the biracial no backbone sista I hope your kids never have to face what Tray did! They choose the right black the confused mixed up no backbone having sista! Shame on all of you jurors!

224 days ago


To that ***** red neck cracker no good devil that said he'll run a GLOCK down our throats and use a noose come try and I'll send your cave man dog smelling ass back to the dark ages of Europe!

224 days ago


Matt Hardy wants TMZ to report something positive about celebrity news. I will come back tomorrow and I just ask that you post one positive article. Somehow you guys always suck me into this web of hateful criticism and I usually end up taking the bait. I am not going to even pay attention to someone like Zimmerman anymore.

224 days ago


And at the end of it all, the ****ty neighborhoods of Miami are still gonna be ****ty because people that "care" about the community spent $10,000 on this instead of fixing up the community.

224 days ago


This is hilarious as hell. George why you running just bust a cap like you normally do. Punk azz scared! Run Chicken Run!!

224 days ago


he's a lil biotch....running cause he knows he a damn killer.... u can't even fight off a teenage kid who was unarmed.....hope they find him n kill his ass....

224 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

whoa now, fellas. isn't that ILLEGAL???

224 days ago


no matter who 'you' believe
it was hate that caused it
it is hate that is allowing
it to continue
the only way to conqure hate is w/love
a lifetime of hate is worse than death
G-d Bless

223 days ago


TMZ, have you no shame?!

223 days ago


I hope he gets what he deserves 😁😁😁😁

223 days ago

Andre' Rubio    

Now we wait for Tmz and all the other media to tell evry1 wher hes hiding? :D

223 days ago
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