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Kim Kardashian

'Blackface' Diss in Vienna

2/28/2014 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian was humiliated by some Austrian dude in blackface during a high society ball -- which she was paid $500k to attend, by the way. So, time for Kim to stop doing paid appearances like this? She doesn't need the money, right?

Plus, Robin Thicke launches an all-out assault to win back Paula Patton. Dedicating songs, sending flowers ... pouring his heart out. Too little too late?

And, Da Brat joins us to fume about the unbelievable $6 million price tag she's being charged for bar fight she sued over.



No Avatar


I wonder if Cesar could help Raquel....

238 days ago

Wow ...    

I disagree with you guys, Nicole and any other person has the right to get out on the floor and dance. Nicole isn't desperate, she is enjoying a night out with the girls. Nothing wrong with that at all. And I'm not 22 anymore :))

238 days ago

Flying Blind    

"get it chub", Raquel is going to whoop your ars after work, watch your back.

238 days ago

Wow ...    

That is BS, RObin knew the Miley performance was going to happen. You just showed the clip where HE walks behind her and she bends over to grind. Come on. And performance does not need to go that far. It is disrespectful for a married person - period. No excuses.

238 days ago


So why can dude at Miley Skankus concert where a Bill Clinton white face?

238 days ago

Real n the field    

help me understand something this o.k.
there are NO blacks living in Austria, but there
i never knew ignorance ran so deep.
At least american racist have some what of a reason
to be racist, but Austria?

235 days ago


"Kim Kardashian was humiliated by some Austrian dude in blackface" ......

Please, They has the E! camera crew there filming, for these fame whores it was another means of publicity!

235 days ago


I guess Cali isn't an At Will employment state. Meaning Raquel can't be fired for being a misogynist idiot.

235 days ago


i dont know how any man can tolerate their wife 'escorting' for 500k

not even like they need the money.

kim, youre a joke to old money. noone forgot how you got there.

235 days ago


Hi TMZ.... About Kim K. She exactly what she deserves!!!!

235 days ago


Sorry about that hit the wrong button Kim K should be embarrassed and humiliated their mother is raising the girls to be money WHORES!!! What kind of man so called fianceeto go out with a man for money like that who's PIMPING who is she getting pimped by her mother and her fiance issues that stupid she's got such a money hungry appetite usual stupid to anything good for her she should have been embarrassed and humiliated

235 days ago


this is a stupid smart phone trying to say Kanye

235 days ago


last time Kanye is a poor excuses for a Kim to stupid 2 think for herself

235 days ago


Asking that whore KK not to spandex down and pour make up across her face to strut her STD medicated wide azz down a runway is like asking a fish not to swim.

235 days ago

arale norimaki    

Being spoiled and stupid and whorish is supposed to be a bad thing, remember? Parents, if you don't teach your children that people like kim kardashian are supposed to be despised, where are they gonna learn it? You have to be the- [feels something in his stomach] You have to be the ones to make sure your daughters aren't looking up to the wrong people.she IS a TERRIBLE role model for girls! Sex, greed, shamelessness, immorality, materialism...these are just a few of the things she and her family represent

235 days ago
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