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Photobombs Anne Frank

3/21/2014 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Beyonce posed for a pic at the Anne Frank Museum -- and posted it on Instagram. Appropriate and educational ... or horribly offensive?

Plus, Miley Cyrus spews her latest shock tactic all over her fans. If you pay to see her in concert ... do you really want Miley spitting on you?

And, a hilarious yoga pants prank -- Yousef Erakat joins us to explain how he nearly got his ass kicked (a few times) by tricking a bunch of dudes into thinking he's a woman. You gotta see this! 



(0:00) Beyonce snaps a photo in the Anne Frank museum -- and some people are ticked off about it.
(6:00) Miley Cyrus spits all over her fans at a concert.
(10:00) Al Roker goes mental on Billy Bush -- but was it all just a setup?
(14:00) Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, and Army Hammer are just a few celebs being sued by a homeless writer -- and as crazy as it sounds ... the plan is pretty ingenious.
(18:00) Yousef Erakat joins us to talk about the dangers of his hilarious yoga pants prank.
(24:00) Johnny Weir's divorce is getting real nasty -- over purses.
(29:00) Rihanna wears a see-through -- and people are surprised for some reason.
(32:00) Google founder is leaving his money to ... another rich dude.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Modern Family" house for sale!

No Avatar

Flying Blind    

Miley can spit on me anytime, hopefully on the down low.

225 days ago


What do you expect from a High School drop out? Didn't she sample the Challenger explosion? Soon she'll do a photoshoot at the Holocaust museum and on the grave of dead slaves

225 days ago


She can spit but can she swallow...?

225 days ago


Do the HS dropout really know the history of Anne Frank? I bet NOT. GTFOH.

225 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Please. Seriously.
Boreyonce is to Anne Frank, what a bottle-rocket is to The North Star.
Now, you do the math.

225 days ago


Will never be the girl that Anne was, she will go down in History & Beyonce, you will eventually be forgotten.

225 days ago


How did the Homeless woman Pay to File the Lawsuit and Pay to Serve Halle, Amanda, Armmi, and Disney that alone is expensive.

225 days ago


please talk about how did kanye west get sex tape kim on the vogue cover ? i thought anna doesnt like her!

225 days ago


Birken Bag is code for what.....?

225 days ago

Flying Blind    

Ragen ain't that bright, need to turn off his mic.

225 days ago


Harvey explain to your JEOLOUS Employees they too can own a Porche with hard work and dedication.

225 days ago


there's got to be someone in the tmz office that has a brain. the Beyoncé pic is nothing more then a picture of her taken with the pics on the wall of ann frank she crouched down so both of the pics could be seen grow a brain tmz .or at least hire some people who can think on there own with out the influence of harvey

222 days ago

Janette O'Connell    

Disrespectful! She is trying to look all somber huddled in the corner as if she knows the anguish of what Ann Frank went through. This is a rich woman who in no way can relate to the struggle and fear Ann Frank went through! Why does she have to try and overshadow such sorrow and pain with her image?????

222 days ago


cheesy beyonce wishes she were a white girl! Can they bleach out any more of her skin color? I hate them and her for this!

222 days ago


I am not a fan of Beyonce, but I think she was just taking a picture with someone she admires. And it is great that she is showing others that you don't have to just admire people of your own race, faith or era. Bravery is timeless and knows no bounds.

222 days ago
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