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David Letterman

I'm Retiring

4/3/2014 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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David Letterman, the longest-serving late-night talk show host in TV history, has just announced his retirement.

Letterman made the announcement during the taping of his show Thursday in New York, telling the audience his last show will take place in 2015.

He told the audience ... he's turning 67 and wants to spend more time with his family.  Dave went on to say he'd be retiring in the next year or 2.  The audience thought he was joking because he said, "Finally Paul and I can get married." 


Johnny Depp then came on and told Dave people backstage were weeping.  It appears Dave's staff knew of the announcement and many were backstage.

During his announcement, Dave said he started in the business when he was 34 so he's been doing it for half his life, and now it was time to be with his son.


Letterman began his Hollywood career as a stand-up comedian in the late 1970s, appearing several times on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." He got his morning show in 1980 and began his late night career in 1982 on NBC with "Late Night with David Letterman."


11 years later in 1993, Letterman moved to CBS to host "The Late Show with David Letterman," after Jay Leno was tapped to replace Johnny Carson on NBC.

Letterman's CBS contract is scheduled to expire next year and Letterman won't be re-upping.



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good riddance dave!
you were never funny or likeable and over time, you just turned into an ugly far left liberal jerk. you were such an angry putz who often treated guests terribly. no one watches your stupid show anymore anyway. frankly, they never should have.
fade away dave.... just fade away.

211 days ago


Bye *******! ✋

211 days ago


I'm surprised. Thought he'd never retire. Know quite a few people who have been on his show ....apparantly not the most respectful guy. Also, the "handlers" are very aggressive with the audience members going in telling them repeatedly that they better laugh. LOL. A lot folks found him so funny, though. Guess you don't really have to be a nice guy in the business.

211 days ago


Picture it: it's 1985, and I'm hanging with my friends watching Letterman on TV. We're laughing our tails off naturally. Gonna miss ya Dave. I suppose it is time, though. You've been looking a bit tired lately.

211 days ago


Irreverent yet great interviewer. But the show's become old around 10 years ago. It's time for new blood. Take care.

211 days ago


Take this show to LA and let Jay Leno host it.

211 days ago


All the late night shows suck anymore

211 days ago



211 days ago

David K    

There were 4 stages of Letterman.... over a 32 year period he did many ground breaking things.

Stage 1..the NBC years...the BEST Letterman period and the worst network. Just watching him TRY and hand a fruit Gift baske to GE security and being tossed
out PRE TERRORISTS was priceless. He knew his days there were numbered

Stage 2..EARLY CBS YEARS...very mixed content..trying to adapt to an 11:35 time slot..mweant he could NOT be as cutting edge. the nasty interviews the sarcastic comments...became much more mainstream. Still some very good skettches and still funny.

Stage 3..CBS years...apprx. Mid 2OOO' one point Letterman pretty much said "F..k everyone":. he actually had taht weasel PAUL sing a hilarious and scathing song..abotu every single Hollywood Actor who refused to appear on the show knowing it meant they will NEVER show up.. he also began some sublimnal jokes and comments about the system being a totally controlled entity... THAT didnt go over well with LES at CBS..hence

Stage 4...Since second term Obama...Dave has lost many guests to one wants to go on the show under 4O who is a major film star, previous guests wont return, cBS put an END to subversive talk and bitching about most guests...we got politically correct Dave...very very generic and boring.

LEaving makes SENSE...he knows that FALLON now has the market...the guests.. he's done it all and he doesnt need to go on till he drops dead...

Enjoy your retirement dave..been watching since you were dropping things off the roof at NBc. i was at the epic show where they submersed you in a suit of Alka Seltzer int oa tank of took time to talk to me backstage and pal around.

211 days ago


he was good when he had the show after Johnny Carson, but when he went to 11:30, it went straight downhill.

211 days ago


It's about time you old hack

211 days ago


After watching Drew Carey GUEST host Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show , I think Drew would be an excellent host. His enthusiasm was great! Hey CBS give Carey a nod when the time comes.

211 days ago


Bitter old fart's expiration date is long overdue.

211 days ago


Great!! Can't stand him and rarely watch unless I really want to see a celebrity

211 days ago

becky 710    

Glad to hear the old guy is retiring. Rarely watched him! Never thought he was good. Wonder who will replace him.

211 days ago
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